Thursday, October 31, 2013

Here we go again...(the post before the announcement post)

I just came across this little gem. I had written this as a word document with intentions of turning it into a blog post at some point. So, file this one before the one I already posted about us expecting #2!

Written July 29, 2013
Well, we decided to start trying for #2. The road to this decision has been an interesting one to say the least. Let's discuss the various stages:

Stage 1: After having Noah, we both were 100% positive that we wanted a second, but wanted to wait a bit. The decision was made to wait until Noah's second birthday and then start trying.

Stage 2: After about a year of sleep deprivation and our life revolving around naps and bedtime schedules, we became
functional. As my best friend Allison says, "don't get too functional". Well, we did. And that put baby #2 in question. So, we brought up the question again and again and pretty much agreed to just table the whole thing until Fall 2013.

Stage 3: We got a puppy. This is the point where we said, "no way, no how, will we ever add to this family!". The first month of new puppy life was ugly, folks. Ugly. Scott even went so far as to demand (in a moment of complete chaos and unclear thinking...he later retracted the statement) that we get rid of Nana.

Stage 4: We became functional again. Nana quit biting us, Noah, furniture, plants, etc. every 5 seconds and we all settled back into our little life. Things were as easy as life with a toddler and dog can be, and we started the conversation of Baby #2 again.

Stage 5: We both decided that there wasn't really an ideal time to throw your life in the air, lose sleep, and figure out where you are going to put said new baby in a two bedroom house. We both got over the whole, "maybe an only child is the right decision for us" mentality, and just threw caution to the wind.

So here we are. I would say that we are currently not not trying to have a baby. Yes, double negative, if you take it away, we are trying to have a baby. Just not quite as aggressively as the first time. It took us six months to get pregnant with Noah, and who knows when this baby will come along. The good news is, we are ready.

It's funny, ever since we made the decision to go for it, I have been more and more thrilled and excited about the decision. I see Noah wanting to play with other little kids and be involved in their sibling-hood. While I know it will be years before Noah and Baby #2 are romping around the backyard, it makes my heart really happy to know that he
will have that. And, it makes me extra happy to know that Baby #2 will have such an incredible big brother.

Baby #2, you have some BIG shoes to fill. I hear you love the second one just as much...I really hope that's true. That is probably my biggest concern going into this. Noah is my world and I am trusting all the moms out there with more than one that you love them all the same!

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