Thursday, October 31, 2013

Telling Scott

Written Wednesday, September 18th
Finally, Scott got home from Amsterdam today. Keeping this secret from the person I tell everything to has been tough! But, it was all worth it to see him totally surprised when we picked him up today!

IMG 4433 from Stephanie R. on Vimeo.

He was definitely in shock and add to that jet lag and a 10 hour flight and I am pretty sure "surprised" doesn't even begin to sum it up! But, as you can see, he was very excited and we are both incredibly anxious to get to the doctor tomorrow to get our first glimpse at Baby #2 (I need a better name for this little person ASAP).

Waiting for Dad to clear customs so we could deliver the news. This one was on fire!


Jen said...

That video is fabulous.

jec22vr said...

so cute! Love it.