Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Pumpkin Retchless: Week 40

Written May 19, 2014
Hello due date! I am skipping the fields this week as there isn't a whole lot of reporting on the state of my uterus that hasn't already been done. That, and I am pretty sure you can guess how I am feeling at this point! But, just in case you thought I was relishing in carrying around a pumpkin and feeling all warm and fuzzy about watching (one of) my due date come and go...I'm not. I'm done. Coop is cooked and I am ready to meet the man of the hour.

With Noah, I was a complete mental case and ended up getting induced the night before my actual due date. I was pretty sure that was where this pregnancy was headed as well. This weekend I had a near mental break down (which was thankfully abated by a double dose of exercise) that culminated in my wonderful doctor squeezing me in for an appointment this morning. Yesterday I was ready to check us into the hospital and get this party started. Today, I felt a little more patient and my appointment helped to solidify that feeling...a bit. I am still ready, but we put together a plan that helps me feel a little more in control of this process and I definitely have options for induction should I choose to exercise them.  For now, we wait.

The happiest news of the past week is that Grandma (i.e.-my mom) arrived. FaceTime is a wonderful thing as Noah recognized her the minute he saw her at the airport and there was little to none on the warming up scale. He has fully embraced having a new playmate around and happily gives out snuggles and kisses as Grandma demands ;-). It has also been a real comfort knowing that when I go into labor our childcare is sitting in the same room and there is zero instruction giving that will need to be handed out. That, and it is just nice to have her here in general! Being a 4.5 hour plane ride away from my parents is not one of my favorite I have well documented on this blog.
Pretty sure he could talk her into just about anything!
In and effort to keep busy we have tackled a number of household projects such as cleaning our a/c heating filters (we have lived here for 3 years and had never done was scary how dirty they were) and power washing our outdoor furniture and flagstone. If Coop doesn't arrive soon I fear what other projects we might take on!

I think that about sums up the past week. A whooooolllllleee lot of waiting. We have tried every old wives tale in the book and had plenty of pep talks with Mr. Cooper but he has yet to get the message that he should come out and play now. In the meantime we will continue to soak up the relaxing moments, full nights of sleep, and quality time with our only child. All of our world's are about to be turned upside down so we are squeezing the life out of these last fleeting moments. 

And, on that note, I might as well nap ;-)! 

40 weeks...a fully cooked baby!

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