Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Leek Retchless: Week 38

No fields this week! I am going to give a quick rundown of the boy's room instead. But, first, the details of all things growing baby. 

Well, he is still in there! My legs are starting to feel like they weigh 700 pounds but otherwise I feel pretty good. I told Scott I should be a Duggar and have 19 kids. Pregnancy agrees with me. I don't get sick, have good energy, very little aches and pains, etc... That said, I just enjoy non pregnant life too much to throw my hat in the ring for that! Two is good ;-). SO, I guess the main takeaway at 38 weeks is that I feel good, baby is healthy and happy, and we are just anxious to meet this little guy and start our life as a family of 4. 
Forgot to look up! ;-)
And now, on to the room "tour". I should note that we moved every.single.piece of furniture in this room to every.possible.location when we ended up only needing to move the changing table. Apparently our spacial awareness is very poor as it took moving the furniture to realize it didn't work. Please note I am not a room stylist and this just happens to be how it looked at 4pm today (sun/light glares and all!).
Noah's side. Absolutely nothing changed except he lost his bed skirt and got some additional storage. Please note, I just recently put Noah's bumper back in...Coop won't be getting one!
Directly across the room is Coop's crib. Going to add some more pom poms to that corner at some point like Noah's side...it's a little bit of dead space.
Toy & Book storage.
Seriously...I could have at least opened both windows! Love that rocking chair but in my current state it is seriously uncomfortable! Also, you can now see why we can't get a glider...zero space!
Probably my favorite wall. Unfortunately you can't really see the third blue stripe because of the door but I just love the way it all pulls together with the dresser and mirror.
And there you have it. Our boy's room. We have some serious space constraints so there are toys tucked in every nook and cranny possible but in the end I am really happy with how their shared space turned out. Eventually Noah's crib will convert to a toddler bed and when Coop is ready to make the move we will invest in some bunk beds! Of course, the wheels are already turning on their "big boy room"! For now, we just welcome our little bundle any time!

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