Wednesday, December 10, 2008


As I promised yesterday, I am here with more pictures of the new house in San Francisco. I am extremely excited to get in there and fill it with all our things and make it a home.

It is funny how much stuff you realize you have when you start packing it all up. After living in my house in Boulder for 3 years I have accumulated SO much junk/crap/stuff. I have filled half of a room with bags for goodwill and the other half with trash. I swear when I leave for work every day the stuff multiplies. Oh well, it is good New Year's cleaning I guess.

It will be nice to have a fresh start in the new house with some stellar organization (I tend to be a little OCD). Here are the pictures:

Guest bedroomMaster bedroom (note the little door to the left of Scott)
Lola's back yard (I guess it is ours too)rememeber that little door? This is our ONLY closet!! What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, right?!

The Kitchen (obviously there is some cleaning/painting going on)

I have about a zillion more pictures but I will wait to share them until there is actually furniture in the house. Looking at an empty great room isn't very exciting.
I feel like I could ramble on all day about how excited I am to move and this journey, but life here in Boulder is calling. More soon...


Tang said...

Hey there Stephanie, yesterday I was just looking at random blog names and I clicked on yours :) It's pretty interesting and i'm getting to learn a little about moving homes just sitting here! Your house looks beautiful, touchwood :) And good luck with the process! :) Take care!

GS said...

Come on - blogging best practices dictates daily updates. You're slacking! Just throw up a testimonial as a place holder....oh, wait - wrong blog! ;-)

House looks great and it will be fun to watch your move via the interwebs!

crick said...

I can't wait for you to cook me dinner in your new kitchen!!! It looks FANTASTIC!