Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Well, this is my blog

Hello, friends!

After sitting staring at the "create your blog name" screen on blogspot.com for weeks on end, I have finally settled and here I am. While I am not completely satisfied with my blog name, it is fitting for the many aspects of my life you will be reading about on here. For example:
  • The big move...I am packing up Lola and the house and headed west to San Francisco.

Miss Lola (aka monster, bucket, fishy, princess, etc...)

The house (more pictures soon)

The reason :)

  • Skiing-since it is now winter this is the active "moving" you will be hearing about for the most part I have a feeling. Although, probably won't get as many days in as I do in Colorado.
  • Triathlon-my summer sport (or I guess sports). Triathlon has been a part of my life since 2004. I like to say I "participate" in these events, not "race" or "compete". It is definitely a hobby to keep me in shape.

Well, that is a preview. Much more to come on all of this!


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Erika said...

Miss you girl! Didn't realize you were on the move to SF. Eric invited you to my return to life happy hour last Thursday. Let me know what you plan to register for in terms of races and maybe we can come out for a visit. xoxo ~erika