Sunday, January 24, 2010

Can man live on wine?

I have been thinking of this in the wake of the earthquake in Haiti. First, this post is not to make light of the situation is devastating and I have been donating at the grocery store and had $$ added to my phone bill this month.

With that caveat out there...I have really been thinking about what happens if SF is next? There seem to be a lot of earthquakes shifting around out in the world and it kind of makes you think (especially when you live on multiple faults). We have absolutely NO earthquake preparedness kits in the house, no working flashlights, and as far as items to sustain ourselves on...a lot of wine, diet coke, one pitcher of filtered water and some perishable food! Oh, and left over cranberry goo in a can from Thanksgiving (I'd rather starve).

I guess if none of the wine broke when the earth shifted we would at least be numb to our plight but then what?! I would be lying if I said I didn't think about earthquakes at least once a day since I moved out here. Particularly when I am in tunnels, high rises, parking garages, overpasses, and below overpasses. Yet, I continue this life in oblivion and with the "it won't happen to me" attitude. WAKE UP! It definitely could.

Moral of this story...I need to get prepared. Tie shoes and flashlights to the bed frame (if it happens at night there will be glass on the ground and bare feet will not be good), get some non-perishable items, drinking water, batteries, first aid kit, etc... I have talked about this before and never done anything about it but I am going to commit to making the above happen within the next 14 days (I am being realistic). Once I have my supplies I will post pictures to prove it!

Hopefully by the end of two weeks, this:
will be supplemented with this:

I am pretty sure with the above kit I could tunnel to China so I might scale back a bit (what on earth is a tube tent?)!

But let's face it, if the big one hits I am drinking the wine!

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