Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Wow, I got so distracted between my foot and honeymoon I almost forgot about everything else we have been up to!

Sometime in the past couple of weeks Scott and I tried yet another new restaurant (to us) in the city, Perbacco. It was a great date night complete with yummy Italian food and wine. I wouldn't put this at the top of the list but it was tasty and I wouldn't mind going again (although I wouldn't be the one booking the reservation).
This past Saturday we headed back to the Presidio Cafe for our food tasting for the wedding! Nothing like a huge meal at 10:30am. We sampled two appetizers we love and will be serving and three entrees (and lots of delicious bread-you should come to the wedding for the bread alone). Two of the entrees were delicious but one fell flat. As a result we will not be providing steak as an option for the big day. It was a less than desirable piece of meat, chewy, fatty, and just not great. The salmon and chicken tie in my book and both are quite good for "wedding food". When have you ever gone to a wedding and said, "this is the best meal I have ever eaten?". We are just aiming for good and something to soak up all the beer and wine!
On the way home we ran into the Strand fam. Crick and the kids were headed down south so Kyle, Scott and I headed to K&L for a little wine tasting and shopping. We sampled lots of delicious Spanish wines and even took a few home. Of course, a bottle of Cava because we all know how much I love my sparkling wine!
Sunday was a gorgeous day in the city (I think the rain has FINALLY gone). Scott is still running the 10K in August and needed to get a run in so we headed down to the beach. Scott ran along a path nearby and Lola and I went to the beach for a little fetch and people watching. Let me tell you that the beach in Northern California is not what you might typically think of when you envision a beach. On this particularly beautiful day I ended up in capris, closed toe shoes, long sleeve t-shirt, and puffy North Face vest. Not exactly "lay out and get a tan" weather here.
Lola seemed to enjoy it though!

Ok, now I think I am officially caught up!!

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