Monday, March 15, 2010

This busy little life...

Well, to say that our life is uneventful would be a lie. The past couple of weeks have been eventful to say the least!

Let's rewind to February 13th. A lovely little Saturday in the city (you might recall this as I briefly mentioned it in a post shortly after). Scott and I were gearing up to go to the Presidio Cafe for a little lunch and to hit the driving range. On the way out of the house there was an unfortunately incident with me and a wine glass. I knocked it off of the coffee table (empty, left from the night before) and in an effort to hop over a glass I knew was going to break, I hopped on it. Big oops. Once we invesitgated the injury and deemed there was no glass in my foot, we bandaged it up, put me on crutches and I watched Scott hit golf balls.

Slowly the foot got better and I even started running on it. Something still felt a bit off so I decided it was probably best to see someone. In my mind I am thinking, "oh, I am just running funny since this cut isn't 100% healed". So last Thursday (one month post incident) I begrudgingly went to the doctor. They took an x-ray just to have a look and said they would get back to me on Monday. When the x-ray tech said, "wait here, I want the radiologist to take a look before you go" I knew something was up. And, low and behold there it was...a shiny piece of glass hanging out in my foot.

The little (3/4") guy went in right in the arch of my foot. It is the dagger shaped thing going the wrong way in the middle of these x-rays.
Of course, the general practitioner wanted to take a cut at it and see if she could get it out (mind you before checking out the x-ray). No luck. Off to the podiatrist. Friday...podiatrist just couldn't pass by an opportunity to have a go at extracting the little bugger so he cut open my foot again (we are up to three now...initial injury, dr. 1, dr. 2). Guess what? NO LUCK! Soooooo...Friday they are sending me to the OR for the official glass extraction.

SERIOUSLY?! That is what I keep thinking. I have gone from training for a 10K in April to swimming around in the bathtub with a plastic bag on my foot because I have stitches in my foot and can't get it wet! At least after Friday I will be on the official road to recovery. I am ready to get moving. I have a dress fitting on May 4th!! Luckily a little foot injury doesn't hinder ab and arm workouts.

During the foot debacle, Greece was having a bit of a debacle of their own. Running out of money, riots, etc... As you may recall we were planning on taking our honeymoon there. We figured we wanted something a bit more low key so we changed directions, pretty much overnight, and booked flights and hotels within a week! Seems to be our way of doing things...too much thought can make a person crazy so we go with our gut (at least on all wedding related items). So now we are off to ITALY. We are going to explore parts of the country that neither of us have visited.

Stop 1:
Hotel La Minerva-Island of Capri
Stop 2:
Locanda Del'Amorosa-Tuscany

To say we are excited would be quite the understatement. Two very exciting things to look forward day and honeymoon (I guess that is pretty standard but we are just THAT excited).

Hopefully things will slow down a bit before then but I am not going to expect anything! At least I get a little nap on Friday :-).

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LC said...

YAY for for foot injury! I know how you feel to be grounded from running. I am training for a 10K right now and I can't imagine being sidelined for a foot issue. Just take it easy and let it heal. You will be back to your usual before you know it. Good think you are going to be PERFECT for your fitting in May. Can't wait to see your dress!