Sunday, September 19, 2010

Happy 40th!

...and we're back.

The day we headed to Rome from Tuscany was also Scott's 40th birthday. While it is never a bad deal to celebrate your birthday in Italy, I definitely qualify for worst wife of the year by doing nothing to prep for the big day. Between the wedding and last minute honeymoon planning I didn't manage to do anything for my new husband. Luckily, he more than understood and we took Rome by storm to celebrate!

Our day began by checking into our phenomenal hotel. Robert and Karina made the recommendation and surprised us with a few extras! THANK YOU! Once again, it was hard to leave our room! However, after drinking our celebratory champagne we managed to head out to begin our sightseeing.
Yep, there were bellinis, gorgeous views, an amazing room, and my purse even got a special seat ;-)!

We also managed to squeeze in the Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain and the Pantheon! With only a day and half in Rome we used every possible moment.
Make a wish!
Dinner was fairly entertaining...we asked for a lively, good restaurant and were able to get a reservation nearby. We got all gussied up, but when we arrived we were the only two people in sight. The poor kid waiting on us was so nice that we got suckered into a drink and appetizer before feigning fullness and quickly finding another restaurant. The food wasn't tremendous at our new place but there was great people watching and celebrating to be had.
All in all, I think Scott had a great birthday. He was even able to get some football on TV!
Happy Birthday, Lovey! Can't wait to celebrate a lifetime more with you!

I had a mission to finish this tonight but I have to throw in the towel and catch some zzzzz's. Only one day to go, stay tuned!

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