Monday, September 27, 2010

Working for the weekend

I used to be working for the wedding, but now that my wonderful three week vacation is over I work for the weekends once again.

I will have to say it is nice to have our weekends back to get out and explore our city and other nearby areas (aka Napa). It is also nice to see our friends again without having to fit in napkin selection, card stock selection, printing, shipping, etc... into our weekends.  

Our first weekend back we headed to Robert and Karina's to celebrate Catharina's 2nd birthday.  Sorry, no pictures...we were still very jetlagged and I was incapable of remembering anything, including the camera.  The rest of the weekend was filled with laundry, cleaning (two dogs+3 weeks=VERY dirty house), and football watching.  Once again, so nice to just be able to kick back and relax.  And, yes, cleaning falls in the relaxing category for me.  Don't get me wrong, I am spent afterwards but I find some crazy joy in cleaning the house.  

This past weekend started a bit early with an EC1 Summer Party on the Bay.  We sailed out for the afternoon and enjoyed the beautiful fall weather while dressed as pirates.  The night continued and Scott met us for some fun out on the town.
Out on the boat...Arrrrrrrrrrr....
 My mustache.

Saturday Scott ventured out to watch the Razorbacks game with Kyle and his Dad, David.  The poms and I joined the Strand Fam for a trip down to the marina, dinner, and some delicious wine.  We even got some additional visitors at the Strand household, the Hylands.  
 Didn't I look nice for dinner?

Why stop there?  I mean, we don't have anything we have to do anymore but why should that stop us from trying to jam in as much as possible during the weekends?

Sunday we packed up our "kids" and headed up to Sonoma.  You have to give us credit for at least switching it up from Napa to Sonoma!  You see, we had to pick up our wine at Gloria and then we had to pay a visit to Maya.  Maya is a Mexican restaurant in Sonoma that has the "best margarita ever".  This according to Steve & Eilene Koon anyway.  Funny little side note, I have been to Maya once before this weekend and it was the weekend that I met Scott.  Now you all say, "Awwwwwwwwwww"!  Anyway, we felt like we needed to evaluate said margaritas and they definitely lived up to the hype.  We had a wonderful meal outside in the shade with the poms (it was 98 degrees) and then strolled over to the park to meet the Strand Fam.

 AP relaxing at Gloria
 Scott, too!
 At Maya (yes, Lola was there too, she just wouldn't stop moving long enough for a picture)

You see, by coincidence they were up in Sonoma at Train Town and then heading into the Square for lunch.  Lucky us, there was a fair going on so there was some great people watching and the kids got some ice cream cones!  
 Miss K
Tanner stopping in for a bite.

After getting close enough to heat stroke for one day we all piled back in the car, turned the A/C on full blast and headed back to the city.  

As you can tell, we are back to our regular habits.  Not sure whether that means the blog will be more or less entertaining.  I am going to try to make an effort to not just make this blog weekend recaps moving forward.  I might start giving unsolicited opinions about products I use or just general point of view updates.  Or, you can tell me what you want to hear about...I am up for making this blog moderately more interesting!  I can't commit to a lot more interesting just yet!  ;-)

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