Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Wedding

**Currently the best place to find pictures is on our photographer's blog. I will post my favorites at some point but I am still sorting through all of them. And, let me take this opportunity to say how amazed, impressed, and happy we are with Mike and Lauren. The photos are absolutely incredible and captured everything perfectly. If you are looking for amazing pictures, professionalism, timely responses, and pretty much the complete package, hire Mike!


If you want to see a million pictures, email me (or leave a comment) and I will give you the login to get to the full wedding album from our photographer. You can also order prints from this site.

Saturday. Wedding Day. Bliss. Perfection. Married. I don't even really know how to put this day on the blog. I think I can sum it up with HAPPY! It was the happiest day of my life and I wouldn't change anything. It went exactly how I hoped and I feel like I was really able to take it all in as it happened. A few favorite moments:

-Panera Bread for lunch with my Dad. It didn't really occur to us to have lunch until we were on our way to the hotel to get ready. My mom had already eaten, there was no parking, so my mom sat in the car while my dad and I had some pre-wedding food (broccoli cheddar in a bread bowl...YUM!).

-The whole getting ready process. It was wonderful to just relax with my bridesmaids and get all gussied up. It was a little funny because it didn't really register this was MY wedding (although there were cameras pointing at me all day) until I put on my dress. I felt like I was a bridesmaid and was getting ready for some other day!

-Waiting. If I had gotten to the church any earlier I might have gone crazy. I just wanted to get down that aisle!!

-The walk. I tried so hard to look at the church and the guests and everything that was going on but I was locked in on Scott. I couldn't stop smiling and looking at him. It was the best feeling on earth. Of course my dad and I were having our fair share of fun chatting on the way down and reminding one another to slow down! Walking slow is not something we are used to!

-Maybe my favorite...Scott trying to kiss me before we headed up to the alter. I had to pull back and say, "not yet!"

-Pictures at Crissy Field. It was freezing and crazy windy. I felt really bad for my bridesmaids but with all the adrenaline pumping from the day I didn't really get cold and enjoyed the crazy conditions down there.

-The entire reception (I know this is not a moment, but it was all so great). The speeches, the guests, the dancing, the wine, the hot dogs, the photo booth...all of it. Perfect.

As I said above, I am having trouble putting this day in words. I could list every moment of the day but I will leave you with some pictures others have posted on Facebook and such until I get the rest sorted out and some favorites up.
Saying our vows
My veil, I am pretty much in love with it.
After the freezing pictures. As Greg said, "It looks like you were crying"...nope, just freezing wind in the eyes!
Mom and Dad
Gab, Jordan, me and Lauren. Love these girls!
Oh, the bustle. This was the first time we did this (of about 10!). I ended up with about 20 safety pins in my dress by the end of the night.
First dance
Visiting with Grandma
Everybody cut, everybody cut...
The happy dance!
I loved our flowers

I will end this admittedly lame post with a huge thank you to everyone who came out to support us and celebrate with us. We couldn't ask for better friends and family and the day wouldn't have been what it was without you all!

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