Friday, March 11, 2011

I did it!

Last January I blogged about the earthquake in Haiti and our complete unpreparedness, remember?

Well, it only took a year and another natural disaster for me to finally get us prepared for the unthinkable in the Bay Area. That and a phone call with Allie who has a plan for everything and made me realize that the $100 I just spent would be completely worth it if the time came.  
Ta Da!  Our new kit from

All I need to do now is wait for it to arrive, add a little pomeranian food (they are legit members of this family and need supplies too) and find a place to hide the 5 gallon container.  

Next up, making bedside kits. Someone once mentioned that if disaster struck in the middle of the night there would likely be no power and broken glass on the ground.  Scott and I will each be getting a pair of shoes and a flashlight on our respective sides of the bed.  

How is that for a start to a Friday morning?

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Tia said...

oh, and if disaster strike~ be sure to fill all sinks and tubs with water. A little time from the WWII in-laws. I miss you!