Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Today you get a 2-for-1 post. A weekend recap AND week 13 baby update.

This past weekend I was the designated driver on a day trip to Napa. Originally the girls and I were going to be heading to Monterey to run the Big Sur Marathon as a team. That plan lasted a few months until we realized we would have to get up at about 3am to get on the bus to go to the race. We then downgraded to the 9 miler and 5K runs to avoid the early wake up call. After collectively not training and still just wanting a nice weekend getaway without an early wake up we vetoed Monterey and headed north.
Jess & Robin enjoying some sun at Rutherford Grill
The flip side of the table..JB & me.
The caves @ Nickel
I drug the ladies to all of our usual places...Gloria, Cakebread, Rutherford Grill, and Nickel & Nickel. They led me to a new place at the end of the day though...Bouchon Bakery. What a perfect little sweet treat to top off the day!

Napa rounded out week 12 of baby incubating and we are now onto week 13.
And baby decided to disappear again. Apparently I ate a big breakfast last week?

I borrowed the following list from Lauren as I thought it was a fun weekly update template to share:

How Far Along: 13 weeks 1 day

Size of Baby
: About 3 inches long. The size of a medium shrimp (I liked the fruit analogies better).

Total Weight Gain/Loss
: At last week's doctor's appointment, 2 pounds. She assured me there is plenty more to come!

Maternity Clothes:  Not yet. I am having a small obbession with maxi dresses though. Preparing for summer and a belly I guess.

: Nada. Unless we are counting gas. TMI?
: Still dealing with my fair share of fatigue and tiredness. It is definitely improving but being able to sneak in a nap is still a major bonus. I also have officially gone through every possible emotion in the book. I would put myself in the crazy category. Anything that you have read about hormonal pregnant people can be applied to me. My very nice husband disagrees, but I pretty much snapped on Sunday. The good news is with the turning of week 13 I appear to have entered the land of pure happiness! Hopefully this sticks around.

What I Miss: Wine and sushi. I am pretty sure the sushi is just because I was told I can't have it so I want it. The wine, it is a true sadness our parting!
Girl or Boy
: We'll find out in about 6 weeks. We will share the sex with the world but just to be up front with you, you'll have to wait until November to learn the name (I'm due the 8th). I'll explain why in a less lengthy post.

Belly button In or Out
: Innie

Stretch Marks
: Nada. My mom said she never got any with me...here's hoping genetics are on my side.
: I am not really sure what counts as a craving in my case. I have become a huge dessert fan. Normally I can walk away from dessert any time or place. Now I go seeking it out. The reason I say I don't know what counts as a craving is that I want a lot of cheese, pasta, pizza, bread, etc... BUT I always want these things and normally just practice self control. So, I can't really say I am craving anything terribly different than normal, just indulging a touch more than usual.

I do have food aversions and a crazy sense of smell. Meat is a very tricky thing with me right now. A steak kind of makes me want to run in the other direction but I can do pulled pork...mystery! When I cook, I can smell what I cooked for days following even after a full kitchen clean. Interesting little side effect. 

Best Moment This Week
: Ok, technically it was exactly a week ago. Seeing the little punkin moving around and saying hello to us!

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Stevie said...

Steph! I had no idea!! Congratulations to you - you're just about five weeks behind me :)

Good luck with the pregnancy, you look fabulous!