Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What we've been up to (version 314.1)

Yet another post recapping some events of the past few busy weeks.

The Retchless B&B was back up and running after our return from St. Louis. Well, actually we had one weekend "off". But what kind of busy bodies would we be if we let a perfectly good weekend go by without jamming something in so we decided to tackle painting Baby R's room. 
The cutest painter I know!
You'll notice a little bump peeking through the ladder ;-)
After four days we finally finished (we did the major work in 2 days but needed the additional two for touch ups, hanging, putting everything back together, etc...).  I have decided that you don't get pictures of the final project until the entire room is complete. Don't worry, we're close...just waiting on a few more items from St. Louis. 

The following weekend Scott's mom came down for a visit and a Retchless Family Get Together ensued. So we put two crock pots to work and I pulled about 17 pounds of pork to feed the group! It was another fun filled day of visiting and catching up. Unfortunately, I was elbow deep in pork so I only have one picture to share from the day :-(. 
Our little family.
My retirement is going just swimmingly. I still have a handful of projects to finish start but I have been staying nice and busy!! Yesterday I headed up to the city to visit the Strand Fam. Crick took me to a new spot, Cronkite Beach. It was an awesome beach and see I many return visits in my future. 

Tanner working hard in the black sand.
Miss K working on her sand castle masterpiece.
Airplanes on the beach!
All in all, days/weeks are flying by. We have some jam packed weeks ahead and I have a feeling November will be here before we know it. More on the latest Baby R developments in our weekly update coming later today...

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