Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Noah News: Week 4

Week 4 flew right by. I can't believe that he is already a month old!! One month of pregnancy feels like a complete eternity, but one month of baby goes by in a flash.

News for the week:
  • No need for an Ark, Tinkler likes bath time. We had a very successful bath this week. They key is a full tub of water and warm wash cloths laid on his little body. Warm baby=happy baby.
  • Baby survives arctic temperatures, Safeway. Our Safeway might be the coldest place on earth. There really is no need for a "freezer aisle" as the whole store is one giant freezer. This week Noah and I took our first trip to Safeway. I debated wearing him, trying to cram groceries in the stroller, etc... I settled on putting the car seat in the basket. Rookie parenting I'm sure, but we made it work!
  • Can you find Noah?
  • Christmas comes early, gift of sleep delivered. I am scared to death I am going to jinx this but Noah has been giving us some nice uninterrupted hours of sleep. For example, we had an 8:30pm-2am sleep and then a 2:45-6am sleep. Not too shabby in the world of baby sleep :-)...although apparently we need to start going to bed at 8:30 to capitalize fully :-).
  • Morning Daddy snuggles.
  • I just want to eat him up!
  • 4.0 Magnitude Leg Shaking. I went back to Bar Method. It was tough but it was wonderful all at the same time! My legs were doing some serious shaking and it reminded me what taking a month off will do to the body. Hopefully I can get a routine started and make this a regular occurrence. 
  • The email you thought you would never send...I emailed a picture of my baby's poop to our pediatrician. Yes, this involved good lighting and a dirty diaper photo shoot...the things we will do for our kids. For the record, he is 100% healthy. 
  • It's not a miracle, it's a reflex. That's right, I broke down and watched The Happiest Baby on the Block. Call it what you will, it is pretty miraculous what a little laying on the side will accomplish. Noah goes practically catatonic before we even get to shushing! 
  • Beat the holiday rush, visit now! We had more visitors this past week. 
    • First, Noah got to meet his cousins Kayla and Tanner :-). Kayla was pretty taken with him it seemed and Tanner even brought him a toy to play with!
    • Ok, I look like a creeper but look at those adorable cousins!!!
      Aunt Crickie
    • The Von Rohr's also came to visit from Berkeley. Hopefully Noah was good enough that they move a little closer and want to visit more often (or let us crash their house)!
Jess, Hoffman and Noah
Some random pictures just for fun:
I got Christmas jammies and I love them! As Scott told Noah, "we may never get her out of those!"
After a pomeranian walk in the Moby...he was zonked (and I am aware this is not correct head position..we were on the couch so I wasn't worried)
Are you tired of pictures of me on my Boppy yet?
Cute baby feet at nap time (I took this picture by accident but I like it)!
 Arnold on his pillow fort.

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Kristina said...

How the heck is he a month old already!!?? Cant wait to snuggle him on friday!