Monday, December 12, 2011

Noah News: Week 5

Here we are at week 5 and inching closer and closer to the holidays...AND Grandma and Grandpa's visit! All of my holiday shopping is complete and I am READY for the week of fun to begin.

This weeks headlines:

Shake, shake, shake - Noah's favorite toy this week is actually not a toy at all. I picked up one of my holiday "decorations" and he was immediately fascinated. M&Ms in a little glass jar is all it take to entertain this little guy. Add to it that I was wearing my polka dot PJs and we have one happy baby!
The play is under review - I am going to go ahead and call it...we had our first real smiles this week. There have been a few over the past week and a half that I have been 50/50 on (gas versus real) but this weekend he legitimately gave Scott some smiles. Here's hoping there are a lot more regular ones to come as they are completely unpredictable and random so far.

Obviously not a smile picture but a cute picture of afternoon snuggles with Dad.
Scales tip in favor of Noah - We are continuing to see awesome weight gain in our little guy. This week we did a weigh in at DayOne and he was up to 8lbs. 14oz!! This is beyond stellar and we have eliminated his "topper" bottle as a result. It is so reassuring to know he is getting all he needs from me.
Growing boy! Same size onesie & a much happier baby!
Zest-fully clean - Side note: do they even make Zest soap any more? Anyway...I have been doing great on all the things I hoped to accomplish on my to-do list. I have not even missed one day of showering (everyone around me is thankful). This week I am making an attempt to return to a normal workout schedule...wish me luck!
The scene on a Sunday morning at our house.
Do a little dance - Friday was Scott's office holiday party. I was abnormally excited for this affair as it meant I got to get all dressed up for a night out! We had the best babysitters come to stay with the Stinkler so we were able to enjoy our night knowing he was in great hands.
Noah and Meesh snuggling while we were out playing.
    • A funny anecdote from our evening: This year's holiday party was complete with a DJ for entertainment. However, putting 50 semiconductor employees in a room with a DJ is pretty much a bust. Scott decided we needed to be the ones to break the ice and get people out there. He did his best convincing to get me to go dance in front of all his colleagues and stood up and started to lead the way. I made a game time decision that my dance moves weren't ready and quickly sat back down and watched my husband dance solo for a good minute. He was less than thrilled but we all enjoyed the show!
The art of sleep - Noah's nighttime sleep routine has become a bit of a puzzle. He usually gets his last feeding around 7 or 8 and then we enter this great debate of whether to wake him to feed him between 10 and 11. The tricky part is that sometimes he will blow right through those hours and sleep until 1 or 2 and sometimes we go to bed and he wakes up 20 minutes later which pushes the whole bedtime routine to midnight. It sounds obvious...just let him sleep. BUT, it is really hard to wake up 30 minutes after you fall asleep for a feeding.
He is so stinkin cute!
Gas for the road - yes, my life is pretty much all about the digestive system these days. Someone should teach a prenatal class purely on baby gas and poop. I call Noah "stinker", "stinkler" or "tinkler" most of the time. It just kind of happened but it seems to fit his personality. Our poor little boy spends most of his days working stuff out and then finally come evening when things get moving he is like a new baby. I wish baby systems worked a little better :-('s hoping another couple months see some improvements for the little guy. Also, anyone who has had a baby with sensitivity to dairy can you tell me what the symptoms were like? I am paranoid he is going to have an issue with this (since it comprises 90% of my diet) but I am not even sure what to be looking for. Note I have zero rationale for this fear!!

Tails of two pomeranians - Wasn't it nice of Scott and I to buy the pomeranians all these new dog accessories?!

Arnold and "his" Boppy.
Lola and "her" new red fuzzy blanket. 

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