Thursday, December 1, 2011

Noah & Mommy's Christmas List Part 1

Dear Santa-

Noah and I started putting together our Christmas wish list and wanted to get it in your hands. We'll probably be adding some more to this but thought we would let the elves get started early :-).

For mom:
Vintage Pearl - I love their jewelry and have a few items on my wish list (FYI, they have to be ordered by tomorrow for holiday delivery):

Size 6 :-)
 Funny that this has the name Amelia on it as that was a favorite girl name of mine. Unfortunately my husband's pronunciation of it has taken it off the list...oh, and we had a boy!
Anthropologie - LOVE LOVE LOVE their dresses. I missed this store so much while pregnant but it was good for the ole wallet!
Sumana Dress (LOVE!)
Tiered stripes dress
Corliss Dress
Also, any assortment of fun Christmas items...pillows, ornaments, frames, etc...

For Noah:

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