Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Noah News: Week 26 (SIX MONTHS!)

Here we are. Half a year has gone by since our little Noah came into our lives. It seriously seems like a flash. The memories of early days of sleepless nights, constant feedings, and general disaray are all pretty much erased. These past couple of months have been some of the most rewarding and fun times of my life. Watching my little Noodle grow and change and seeing his fun and happy personality develop is absolutely the best. We are truly blessed and couldn't be a happier little family.
November 9, 2011
And this week, making a mess with mangoes & pears.
I just want to eat him up! This was to say Happy Birthday to our favorite New Yorker, Kate.
Cinco de Churcho & a little lotta Drinko - Saturday we managed to pull ourselves together by 9am for our Baptism prep class. Scott, Tommy, Crick & I all had to attend in order to get the go ahead for Noah's baptism in a couple of weeks. It was 3 hours, people! 3! Luckily, it was followed with some Cinco de Mayo festivities at our house, and of course, great friends!
Noah wanted to try some of this Skinny Girl Margarita mom was "buzzing" about!
Who knew the exersaucer would be the hit of the party?!
Silly teeth :-).
Paisley taking a whack at the pinata.
And the inevitable candy scramble!
Mama called the doctor and the doctor said - We had lots of fun with Dr. T this week. Let's give the full rundown...
  • Noah had what might have been his first cold. He was super congested every morning and had a few very rough sleeps as a result. One night he slept with us and on me. He would scream hysterically if I laid him flat so my arm acted as his pillow for the night (sad news for the circulation to my hand!). I say this might have been a cold because during the day he was his bubbly self. He would play, laugh, and was just generally normal. Only when it came time to lay down did he get congested or upset. That, and his snot was always clear (TMI?). SO, cold, or not, it was a little bit of a hiccup in our week that we tackled with our arsenal of cold remedies thanks to my Facebook friends! 
  • Six month check up:
    • Height: 26.5" (75th percentile)
    • Weight: 14lbs. 10oz. (15th percentile) 
    • Yes, we have a long, lean baby but he is as healthy as can be!
  • Noah got the ok for smooth road jogging in the new Bob. We can't wait to hit the pavement!
  • Food, food, food. We have been instructed to give Noah at least two solid feedings daily. This, on top of naps, breastfeeding, and outings is pretty much going to keep me on my toes all day, every day. I have been lucky to be consistent with one. Fortunately, we have a much more expansive menu now that he has hit 6 months (cottage cheese, egg yolk, yogurt!)!
First teething biscuit. He loved it; I think it is a messy disaster!
Summer Sun - It appears that summer has officially landed in the Bay Area. Noah loves to be outside so we spend the last hour, or so, before bed hanging out in the yard saying hello to neighbors and watching cars go by. The poms think this is a pretty nifty way to spend an evening as well. 
A little evening fun in the front yard.
The sun is a new development. Last Thursday it was still a bit chilly on our evening walks.
Dish it out - As I mentioned above, we got the a-ok to head out in the Bob. Noah and I decided to break it in on a walk around the Stanford Dish. That walk is no joke! I failed to take into account I would be pushing along an additional 40lbs (baby & stroller) which definitely added a little challenge to my new favorite exercise routine. I see some serious fitness and awesome tan lines in my summer future. 
The reason it is called the Dish. Yes, I was "that girl" who stopped to take a picture!
I'd say the Bob is going to work out just fine. He actually played for the first 30 minutes before succumbing to the stroller sleep.

Just for fun...
AP plotting his destruction protecting Noah's toys

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