Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Noah News: Week 27

Here we are...barreling into summer and staring down an insane summer calendar. I told Scott that I was happy that we had Noah on the way into winter as things seem to be a bit more calm. I couldn't have been more right and now that the Noodle is a predictable little guy I am anxious for all our summer fun. 
Cottage cheese. The jury is still out.
But, let's not forget the last week as it was a very special one.

Mother's Day - I never really got this holiday until I became a mom. Sure, I celebrated every year for my mom, bought cards, gifts, etc... but I was playing along. I don't think you really can understand what this holiday means until you become the mother. Sunday, I officially deemed it my favorite holiday. Not because I was sipping wine on a surprise Napa getaway (more on that soon), but because I truly felt like this holiday makes sense. I have never been a big birthday person. I don't dislike my birthday and I do enjoy it every year, but I am pretty indifferent to festivities or special accolades. I feel like my mom should get the award on this day (just as I should get one on Noah's!). But, I digress. Mother's Day just felt special. I felt like I joined an elite club and one that I am damn proud to be a part of. I feel like I am good at my job as Noah's mom and I take pride in toting him around, showing him the world. All that to say, I actually felt deserving of a holiday. My job is amazing and rewarding, but it is also hard and having a day to recognize my "work" AND the fact that I get the privilege of being a mom to the most amazing boy was a very nice treat. 
The two most wonderful boys a girl could ask for.
Surprise! - I had a surprise party once in middle school. Other than that, I don't really recall ever being swept off my feet by something so unexpected. On Friday, Scott came home with flowers and a card for me. I was busy cleaning and cooking for our dinner guests so I quickly tossed the flowers on the counter and opened the card. I.was.shocked. Scott told me to pack my bags because we were going away for two nights to Napa for Mother's Day. OH, and he booked me a massage for Sunday morning. Shocked! I was actually frozen in disbelief and didn't know whether to cook, clean or pack. I need to do a full post on what an amazing husband and dad Scott is, but suffice it to say (since this is already long) that he swept me off my feet and made me feel like the only mom in the world this weekend. 
Noah checked out Gloria in his PJs (after a mad scramble out the door before morning nap).
Fortunately for the other patrons I managed to clothe myself in day-wear.
One very relaxed Mommy after a massage and looooooong shower at the spa.
Mother's Day lunch at Redd.
There are really no words for these pork buns. You should just probably plan a trip to experience them in all their tastiness.
Crashed out after a long weekend of wine tasting/dining.
Swiper, no swiping! - Noah is officially becoming a baby and not so much an infant. Dining out is proving to be interesting as he has realized that silverware, glasses, place mats, plates, salt & pepper, etc. are all much more fun than baby toys. He is quick and swipes things off the table before you can blink! Luckily we have a few distractions up our sleeves when the food arrives but I see our dining our experiences changing from Bottega to Pizza Hut verrrrrrry soon. Plus, I am not sure Bottega will let us come back since Noah stole a spoon (Scott found it in his car seat the next day!). He also swiped the tubing off of my pump while I was pumping...not a pleasant experience!
"No way, I didn't do it!"
The kid likes spoons!
Movin' and a Groovin' - As evidenced by our new restaurant experiences, Noah is changing SO much right now. He is so aware of his world and is constantly trying to take in new things and understand it all. My favorite is when he knocks toys off his exersaucer and then looks over the edge as if wondering, "Now, how did that happen and how do I get it back?!". He is also desperately trying to crawl although he has pretty much figured out how to move wherever he needs to go by scooting, rolling, and spinning on his belly!

To quickly sum up this week, because my to-do list is a mile long with exciting chores like sweep down cob webs, life is good. We are a very blessed family and we are thankful every day for all that we have...especially each other!
Sunday happiness at Frog's Leap

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