Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Noah News: Week 28

Can I just remind everyone that 9 months is a loooooong time?! No, I am not pregnant, but as I typed week 28 it occurred to me that if I was incubating a baby I would still have 3 months to go and it seems like we have never lived a moment without our little Noodle, thereby making 28 weeks feel very long and 9 months even longer (how is that for a run on sentence?). 
A day in my life :-).
ANYWAY, in our 28th week with Noah, here are the headlines.

Diagnosis: The bear needs a nose-ectomy - Noah sleeps with a "lovey" that is a little blanket with bear head attached. Recently I noticed that the face of Bear has been wet in the morning or after a nap and put two & two together to realize that he uses it as a pacifier when he can't find his (or teething toy, you get the idea). Well, Bear had a little round nose and I had to make the unfortunate decision to give Bear a nose-ectomy for the safety of our little man. It actually made me really sad because Noah liked to play with his nose BUT I decided a moment of "where did his nose go" from Noah was much better than a choking incident with Mr. Bear. Fortunately, no one is any worse for wear and they are happily snuggled in together as we speak. 
Poor Bear lost his nose.
Take me out to the ball game - Noah attended his first baseball game this week! AND, to make it even more special, the Giants were playing the St. Louis Cardinals. Since Noah will inevitable grow up wearing a lot of orange and black, I took advantage of the day and gussied my man up in his best red duds. He was a great fan and we look forward to many more baseball games in his future.
He sported a tiny bot of Giants pride in his hat! It was dumb luck that our stroller was red :-).
Family fun at the ball park. We'll have to get Noah to Busch ASAP.
Sometimes you need a snooze mid game.
But then you wake up ready to cheer on the red birds!
A Pew Baptism - Sunday we all fancied up and headed to the church for Noah's Baptism. We knew going into it that there would be other babies being Baptized as well, but what we didn't expect was the complete disorganization and shenanigan that would ensue. We got there the required 15 minutes early but apparently for no reason because at 1pm the Priest came in and simply began. He was hollering out names, trying to locate babies, parents and Godparents and coming up and down the aisles for various parts of the Baptism. We stated our responses about his Baptism in unison with who knows how many other people from our seats and craned our necks to see what was going on. The saving grace was that we actually got to stand up front for the water over the head portion of the event. Noah was a perfect little Catholic and didn't even peep and we were so proud to see him Baptized. It was a great day surrounded by loving friends and family...albeit a little hilarious in the moment! 
My handsome men.
Pew side Baptizing...
Our big moment up front.
Silly faces for the little guy!
Godfather Tommy, Scott, Me, Noah (and his candle..I wasn't going to try and take it away!), Godmother Chrissie
Noah was psyched about all the picture taking. All the generations.
If only there was a reason for him to wear this again. So stinkin' cute.
Before the big event Noah got to meet his cousin (second cousin), Griffin. Griffin is just 7 weeks but only 1 lb. less than our peanut. I see much trouble in our future from these two!
"Hey, Griffin and Vale, look what I can do!"
Creepy Crawler - Our little Noodle wants to move! I swear I blog about this every week but each week we are getting closer and closer. He has started "planking" but still fails to make any forward progress. It sure is cute to watch him try to wiggle himself forward. He is a mover and a shaker though...rolling and grabbing for everything in sight!  Since I typed that this morning we had our first official forward motion. The power of an iPhone to motivate a little one to move! He has done this three times today so I will go ahead and put us in the "big trouble" category with a mover on our hands.

Our big boy can also hold his bottle all by himself now. Quite handy when we are out on walks!
Snooched - This is a new verb which means, "you have been out-smarted by a small, fluffy, peanut brained Pomeranian". I love my little Snooch (aka, Arnold) very much, however he has a less than awesome habit of ruining the rug in our family room by marking his territory when we are away. We moved in one year ago and we are on our third rug. SO, I decided to take action and put the poms in the kitchen whenever we left the house to alleviate this little issue. Apparently, I should have consulted the fluffiest pomeranian because this action was not approved. I knew neither of them liked it but Arnold apparently snapped. Over the weekend he started shaking and panting continuously for 24 hours which led to a visit to the vet on Saturday morning. The vet told us that he has an anxiety issue and we need to stop locking him in the kitchen because it is leading him to his breaking point. So, long story short, Arnold wins and he no longer has to go in the kitchen AND I apparently get to keep buying new rugs...thank God for Ikea.
Please don't put me in the kitchen!!

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