Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Noah News: Week 25

25 weeks. Next week our little Noodle turns 6 months old. How is it that half a year has gone by (that also means I haven't had uninterrupted sleep for 6 months...ouch)? Something tells me time is going to fly now that we have a little one to mark time with.
Seriously, I have no idea why I dress alike so often...it is not on purpose, I promise!
Sleepy weepy - I mentioned sleep in the intro so I thought I would update on Noah's current schedule:
  • Sometime between 5am & 6am - Wake up to eat. Back to sleep in our bed.
  • 7:30/8ish - Up for the day. Eat, play, help mom make coffee!

Is there a better way to wake up?!
  • 9:30/10 - Nap #1. This has evolved into a solid nap. 1-2 hours. This is also "my" time. I don't clean or do much of anything (once a week I blog).
  • Up from nap and eat, play, play, play. We usually head out for an outing just in advance of nap #2.
A fun part of each day...playing with Lola. Or, as Noah sees it, "when I crawl you are in big trouble with all that pullable fur!"
  • 12 or 1 - Nap number 2. Not really an awesome nap. 30-45 minutes usually. 
  • Up and play, play play. This is his longest awake time.
Noah and his cousin, Kayla. Her and Tanner are so  good and cute with their littlest friend. Noah and I go visit them about once a week and it is one of our favorite days!
  • 4ish - Nap #3. This is usually about an hour.
Waking up from nap...again, happiest baby!
  • 5pm-7pm - Play and hold off sleep! Dad comes home for some new entertainment and we always take a pomeranian walk in the later part of this awake time. 
  • 7pm - bath, bottle
  • In bed by 7:30
  • He usually peeps once or twice in the night but nothing longer than a few minutes any more until we get close to the 5am feeding. So, while we don't actually get to sleep straight through, there is no more actual getting up in the night and no more tears in the middle of the night from Noah. This is a victory I am willing to accept! 
Welcome Home, Dad - Noah and I bached it again this weekend. No sooner did we get home from our vacation than dad headed back on a plane to Palm Desert for a guys golf weekend. All in all, we did pretty well. 5pm was a little rough each day as I was ready to have some help and was pretty tired. Noah was/is a great baby which makes solo parenting a much more manageable task but we sure do like having Scott around! So much that we surprised him at the airport (with a sign...yes, I am that embarrassing wife/mom).
I didn't make Scott pose with the sign so you just get to see the sign itself.
Noah got relieved of his sign holding duties since apparently his fifth food was paper.

Baby-cise - Noah now loves his exersaucer. I got it right when he turned 4 months and was seriously jumping the gun as he was too small and not really into it. BUT, it is now his favorite and he gets giddy playing with all his toys.
Happy boy!
Brush (AND FLOSS) daily - yep, we've all heard it and ignored it and now it is biting me in the butt. I got to spend my workout time/"me" time this week in a dentist chair getting a root canal. And, to top it off, I know I still have one more cavity to get filled, if not more. For the record, I have flossed every day since this pain set in. 
A picture to go with our sitting update from last week (because who wants to see me in a dentist chair?)
Baby Beluga - Noah and I went to our first music class. It was a little bit hectic and I wasn't overly impressed with the instructor (she stopped half way through a song and said, "are those the words?") but it inspired me to sing with Noah more. Especially clapping songs since he loves to watch clapping. Current baby favorite: Raffi. Yep, the same Raffi that I listened to as a kid. Currently we have "Down by the Bay" blasting through the speakers!
Loving summer clothes weather!
May is a busy month for this family so keep checking back for updates on our exciting weekly activities!

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