Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Noah News: Week 30

Please forgive me for this short, less than thought out post. My mind is one giant scramble this week as I prepare to leave Noah for the first time. As I mentioned last week, I have never left him for more than three hours...Thursday I get on a red eye to New York until Sunday. So, yeah, my mind is elsewhere today. It will be SUCH a fun trip, but the preparing to go has me a little spun up!

The Many Faces of Noah Retchless - Noah has become quite the ham. He cracks Scott and I up constantly with his funny little expressions. A personal favorite right now is when he gets excited...he scrunches up his little nose, twists his mouth around, and starts huffing/panting. There is often some leg and arm flailing that goes along with it.
This is kind of the face. Scrunchy nose but I wasn't able to capture his crooked mouth.
Another fan favorite...the quasi creeper smile. He makes this face when he is confused or is this strange this straight across half smile that, of course, cracks us up.
My Buddy, My Buddy - I can never remember what I have posted on here in weeks past so forgive me if some of this is a repeat... When Noah was born, I loved him. God help anyone who would try to take him away from me. BUT, I don't think I truly bonded with Noah until months later. I read many bloggers with birth stories that end in these beautiful professions of bonds, motherhood, and something greater than one's self. My story ended with lack of sleep, engorgement, and the perfect newborn baby boy. Again, BUT, at this point Noah is my little buddy. I LOVE having him with me, going on outings, rolling around on the floor, playing peek-a-boo while I shower, just generally having him around. He makes me smile constantly and is truly my heart walking around outside of my body.

How could you not want to spend every waking moment with this little guy?!
Standing Man - Our little Noah LOVES to stand. He is getting pretty sturdy and even did about 10 seconds of standing with no help or holding on. We are definitely creating a monster by encouraging this but he is so darn excited to be up on his feet! Plus, when you try to sit him down he locks out his legs and hips so you can't bend him!
He grabs his shirt a lot (??) while standing and insists on only holding on with 1 hand. We are on our way to trouble!!
Bonus photos because my brain can't think of any more words...
Just chillin with his juice at the end of the day.
We walked over to the Sunset Magazine Celebration Weekend on Sunday. It was a blast to peruse the booths while partaking in some Food Truck and Adult Beverage fun!
Who needs toys? Wipes containers will do just fine.

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