Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Noah News: Week 33

Sorry for the post delay, I opted for a nap yesterday instead of blogging!

7 Months - Mr. Noah turned 7 months on the 9th so I am a bit tardy in getting his pictures taken and any information up. Some tidbits:
  • Food - Noah is gobbling up "real" food and cutting down his bottle feedings. We are also exploring some next stages of food that he actually has to chew. He loves puffs and is growing a taste for cottage cheese and hummus. Hopefully he warms up to some of the more fancy foods I am preparing for him (chicken with pesto...sounds good to me!).
  • Teeth - Zero. At this rate he is going to walk before he has any chompers!
  • Noises - Ba, ba, ba and Ma, ma ma. I am not making too much of a fuss about the Ma, ma, ma because at this point it is just a noise and he doesn't associate it with me. That said, it still has a nice ring to it :-). 
  • Favorites - Standing, getting a hold of anything he isn't supposed to have (phones, iPad, pomeranians), being outside, other babies.
  • Not so favorites - Being confined (exersaucer is on its last weeks I have a feeling), sleeping past 5am, getting dressed, diaper changes (the two previous items interfere with moving in constant forward motion).
  • Overall - We have a really happy and easygoing baby. He loves people and playing and doesn't protest about too much. We can't wait to see what the next few months & years bring! 
Remember the creeper smile? It still appears from time to time.
7 months!
Why, yes, that is cabbage in my bra - Weaning. Sucks. I still owe you a nice long ramble about my thoughts on Noah deciding to wean himself, but today we'll keep it short. Noah is 100% on formula (we were trying to keep some milk in the rotation but he refused to drink it so once again he wins). Now, if someone could please notify the milk factory of this change so it can shut down production that would be amazing. I am trying every trick in the book and even the old wives tales to try and get my milk to dry up. I am definitely fortunate to never have had any supply issues but seriously this is getting painful and obnoxious.
You know what's not obnoxious? This face!
Swoosh - Scott's Father's Day present arrived just in time for Kevin Berry's visit. While Scott and I had best intentions of building it Thursday night, one look at the instruction manual sent us heading for the couch and a glass of wine! Unfortunately, this meant that our guests were left to help. They finished in about 3 or 4 hours (there were a lot of pieces, and a very small amount of direction reading) and we were able to get in multiple games of PIG before our evening activities commenced.
There were legitimately times where three people were required for assembly.
And one baby to oversee the operation.
Boo Boo, Boo Hoo - Noah had his first "injury" this weekend. He found a matchbox car to play with and was happy as can be. I was a bit weary of the wheels as choking hazards but unfortunately that was not the area of the car I needed to concern myself with. All of sudden Scott and I looked down to see Noah starting to grimace in pain and realized he had put his finger through the car's window and it was stuck. There was only one way to get this little grubber out of there and that was to pull. Of course, this left one screaming little baby and a finger with a cut :-(. Robert was quick to get him his first band aid and by the end of the night he was un-phased by the finger entirely (we took off the band aid before bed). It was a sad rite of passage but one every kid must go through, I guess!
Peanut's bandaged little finger.
So sad :-(.
The hoopty ride that caused the injury.
Noah on the Move - I should change the name of this blog to "Stephanie Chasing Noah" or "Stephanie Redirecting Noah". Noah's crawling has reached a whole new speed and efficiency this week and his demand to stand is rivaling a political campaign in its intensity.
This is how I get anything accomplished during the day. Kitchen utensils and laundry baskets are favorite toys these days.
Remember when he would lay next to Bear for monthly pictures (albeit not happily)?
This was as close as I could get to a size comparison this month.
Everything else looked a bit like this.
Zoo Bee Zoo Bee Zoo - (Yes, I know the real song is Zou Bisou) This week we went to a "zoo" that is about 2 miles from our house. I think they are being a bit generous with the word zoo but there were some fun animals to see (bobcats, bats, raccoons, bees) and a nice little play area for crawling around. And the real bonus, it's free. I imagine we'll return!
We got to see that raccoons getting their lunch. It was the one time Noah actually noticed the animals!

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