Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Noah News: Week 32

I was very bad about documenting photographically this week, my apologies...

First of all, I missed noting a trip to the pediatrician last week. It was a scheduled appointment for a shot, but I got to ask a million questions and get a weigh in. We learned:
  • Noah weighs 15.9 lbs. Up one pound from last month.
  • He should learn to walk without shoes and then we can introduce them and essentially re-teach him how to walk. Awesome.
  • I got the ok to give him hummus. This was very exciting for me, apparently not so much for Noah since I think the flavors were a bit of a shock! We'll try again soon. 
  • We were given the directive to pack in as much fruit (prunes specifically if you catch my drift), water, and lack of binding items as possible. As a result I am pretty sure I am force feeding Noah every 25 seconds!
Goose - Our little Noah is a crazy, silly, wild, goose. This likely is no surprise based on my past few posts but I swear each day he gets braver and is venturing past any appropriate baby boundaries regularly.
This morning we played under the table. Pokey wood and metal beams, definitely kid friendly, right?
Daddy's Day - We celebrated a very special Father's Day on Sunday! While I didn't whisk Scott away to Napa for a weekend of bliss, I tried to make it about him and make sure he got everything he wanted. Scott's day started with a rare treat...bacon and eggs. I can't stand cooking bacon in my house because it smells all.day.long. BUT, it is a favorite for Scott so alight came the griddle. Scott got presents (the DAD pictures I framed for him and will refresh each June with our ever growing little boy):

Next up, we took a family stroll to a local lunch spot and enjoyed a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc to celebrate the day (there are perks to this weaning thing). Then, I delivered on Scott's #1 Father's Day request...uninterrupted US Open watching. I might have poked my nose in once or twice but for the most part, Dad got to simply relax and enjoy his Sunday afternoon. By the way, I completely regretted the wine when Noah refused to nap on this lazy Sunday because I wanted to, desperately! 
Dad got a basketball hoop for Father's Day. The real deal gets delivered on Friday so we had to give him a "teaser" present.
Matching chins. Love these two.
Noah got this for Scott so he can teach him all about the Giants.
As you can tell, it was a nice little Sunday spent with the two men I love more than anything. Scott could absolutely win any "Dad of the Year" contest and he deserves so much more than one day of recognition. As I told him, I can only hope that Noah grows up to be the man/husband/dad that he is. 

Holy Guacamole - In an effort to jam more fruit into Noah I picked up some mesh bags to put various yummies in. I took a recommendation to put some avocado in one day, and while it proved to be a GIANT mess, Noah sure did love his baby guacamole.
Sorry for the "action" shot, he was in the Johnny Jumper and holding still wasn't an option.
This week we also enjoyed a visit from the Yared's, a date night, I had Girl's Night Out, and a fun night with Kristina and Renee at the fire pit. Like I said, I was bad a documenting this week. I will do my best to improve, starting now...

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