Thursday, June 14, 2012

Noah News: Week 31

What a week. Noah is seriously changing by the minute and keeping us on our toes constantly. Also, I got back from NY on Sunday and Scott left Monday for the Big Apple. While the Noodle keeps barreling forward and impressing us daily, Scott and I are looking forward to trading off naps over the next couple of weeks to catch up!! So, what has us so worn out?
7 months, going on 2 years!
Ba, Ba, Ba - I go away for two days and my little boy starts making real talking sounds! Up until this weekend it was a lot of coos and grunts but we now have full blown speech sounds. I am keeping my ears tuned for a "MaMa" sometime soon!

Wild, Wild, West - Watch out Bay Area...Noah is a wild man. He is officially on the move and after EVERYTHING. Gone are the days of plopping him down and running to the kitchen or to do a quick chore. He is quick and t.r.o.u.b.l.e! Yesterday I ran to get a roll of paper towels and came back to my little guy in the dog toys (which were across the room and under an end table). He is also getting much stronger in his crawling & standing. He can now crawl over to his toys and then push himself back into a sitting position. He is also starting to pull himself up to a standing position. It is amazing to see how fast his development is happening and also a little scary to think what the next couple of months will bring in his mobility!!!
Wrapped present, took present to kitchen (kitchen is about 2 steps from wrapping location), came back to this...
Ready for our new table any time now! He loves to stand at the trunk and has hit his head about a zillion times trying to stand up.
Puffy Daddy - This little Noodle is loving trying new foods. This week we introduced puffs to get his pincher skills revved up. While it is a bit sad to see him get frustrated when he can't get it, the excitement when he gets one to his mouth is pretty great. He is even chewing the puffs which is a pleasant surprise since I thought I was in for a choking disaster.
Enjoying some watermelon poolside.
And, without further ado, The Big One...

When I went to New York, Noah obviously had to continue eating :-). In order to do that he had bottles all weekend while I was pumping away to make sure we could get back on track when I got home. Apparently he realized that he can get more crawling, standing, and general fun in by taking a bottle which delivers the "goods" much faster than nursing. The Cliff Notes: Noah quit breastfeeding. I came home and he would literally flip out if I tried to nurse him but would happily take milk from a bottle. I have SO much to say about this topic because as a result of this we have decided to wean him. So far, he is taking one formula bottle a day with a plan to go to all formula except his 5am feeding (which he will still actually nurse for). I am documenting all of my emotions that are coming along with this transition and will do a post dedicated to this topic soon. Right now, suffice it to say, I am waffling between being completely devastated and happy about the new phase we are entering. More soon...
In case you were wondering why I won't just be pumping to give him bottles...not an easy task to pump with a mobile 7 month old.
Mornings are the best. This from the girl who used to sleep in until 10 or 11!

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