Friday, November 1, 2013

Lentil Retchless: Week 6

The smudge. We thought we were 7 weeks along...turned out it was more like 5!

Some notes about this week:

  • Riding carousels is just not an option. I took Noah to Happy Hollow and when we boarded the carousel, the announcement made mention of pregnant women. I kind of laughed it's a carousel, not a roller coaster. While Baby Lentil wasn't in any danger, I have never experienced motion sickness so quickly in my life. I had to take my sunglasses off and find a point to fix my eyes on. 
  • Tired. Sleep and I are in a relationship best described as "it's complicated". I am officially feeling completely spent at least 3 times/day. The problem is, if I nap, I can't sleep at night, and if I don't nap, I am completely exhausted all afternoon and get a second wind around 9:30pm! So, I fall asleep around 11 and sometimes wake up around 5am. So, in summary, I feel like a narcoleptic insomniac (still). 
  • I am also feeling the effects of how hard my body is working to grow a baby while I am trying to push, tuck, squeeze, etc. at Bar Method. My muscles are fatiguing much quicker and I just generally feel like I don't have quite enough energy for class. This is extremely frustrating because it makes me feel lazy or like I am not trying hard enough, but the reality is, my body is just busy doing other things. I remember this from my first trimester with Noah and look forward to getting my energy back in trimester #2. 
  • I get the dreaded "hangover" feeling I had with Noah around 5pm and it lasts for about an hour or two. During this time, I swear off cooking, eating, or moving (which isn't an option with Noah running around). Then, once it passes, I am ready to cook dinner which usually means we eat dinner around 8:30pm. Poor Scott!
  • So far I have been losing weight despite my less than stellar diet choices. I attribute this 100% to the fact that Baby Lentil has forced me to give up the wine glass. 
  • Wine. Sigh. I miss it. As I realized last pregnancy, I really enjoy wine and would call it one of my favorite hobbies. Just knowing day trips to Napa filled with Gloria, crisp sauv blanc, and yummy cabs are out until May is slightly disheartening. All for a good reason though!
  • I missed sushi for about a day. I'm sure I'll crave it again, but right now all I want is cheesy pasta and pizza. I forced myself to buy a ton of fruit at the store to keep my hand out of the animal crackers!
Well, all for now. I think I'll lay horizontally for awhile and if I fall asleep, so be it!

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