Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Pomegranate Retchless: Week 21

This week was exciting because my 20 week status only lasted for 3 days! My due date was originally calculated as May 23 based on very early measurements of Baby R. However, as we have progressed, and on each visit to the diagnostic imaging center (where they do our "big" ultrasounds), Baby has been measuring for a due date of May 18. I didn't want to jump to updating my status as having to go backwards would be really disappointing, but for the past 8 weeks Baby has stayed on track for May 18.

Hello little lips! (His nose is to the right...the mouth is sideways) I mean, I could kiss them right now! Also, it doesn't look like he has the Retchless cleft chin?! Not sure when this develops or if we could even see it anyway, but it will be interesting to note when he makes his arrival.
SO, I am now 21 weeks! This is both very exciting as it was like time travel (which would kind of be amazing during pregnancy in my opinion), and a bit shocking as I am now past the halfway mark. What do I have to show for this? Three pieces of clean baby clothing. That is how much prep I have done for this little guy. As I mentioned, Noah and Baby will be sharing a room. But, I have zero desire/motivation to change up Noah's space just yet. Noah will be 2.5 when the baby arrives and we could be on the cusp of a big boy bed. In that case, Baby will just get Noah's crib and we'll get Noah a new bed. However, I am not rushing Noah out of his current bed so should he still be happily dozing in there, we will need another crib. So, I have taken the "wait and see" approach to this whole thing. No rearranging, no new furniture. 

In typing this though, I am thinking it might be beneficial to add a little bit of Baby into Noah's room, with Noah being involved. It might be fun for the two of us to do a craft a month and begin to fill Noah's room with items to make it feel like a room for both kids. I can see this being a very beneficial step for Noah to help him understand that he will soon be sharing his home, room, parents, toys, etc. with another person.

I am rambling. The point of this was that time is flying and Baby is going to be here before we know it.

You have probably noticed that I haven't been calling this little guy by his name. Scott and I decided that while it is not going to be a closely guarded secret, we aren't going to put it out into the internet world until his arrival.

This week was also pretty exciting because we got to have our anatomy scan done! Baby R checked out perfectly and we were given the peace of mind that we have a happy, healthy baby kicking around. Noah came along for the scan and he was definitely curious about what happening to my tummy! He snuggled in with me on the table for the big "show" and kept saying "baby" over and over. He is still a bit confused on where the baby is (he points to his own stomach a lot when I ask where the baby is) but I think that is to be expected of a two year old. Regardless of how much prep we do, I have a feeling his world is going to be rocked come May.

What else? I feel like my face is getting more full. Again, I think that this is because I was leaner going into this pregnancy so my body is just evening out, but it makes me feel puffy in pictures. Pictures...the digital age is such a funny thing. I could literally post a picture where I look like I have gained 30 pounds, and then one where it looks like I am lying about being pregnant. It's all about perspective and makes me realize that what we, as pregnant women, non pregnant women, etc. compare ourselves to is all pretty warped! I can guarantee you that if you saw me on a Monday or Wednesday, at 8am or 8pm, I could look like two different people (not really, but you get my drift).

I swear my pregnancy brain is worse than ever this week (as illustrated by that last mess of a paragraph and general randomness of this post). I had dinner with a friend last night and seriously had about 4 what most would deem "blonde moments". I blame Baby R!

I leave you with a picture and will see you next week when my brain has hopefully rejoined my body!
I think I look like a creeper in this picture (it is really odd to take pictures of yourself...but Scott was out of town) so I tried again...

Today at Noah's gymnastics class I told another mom I was pregnant and she said, "I was wondering...". Baby is finally starting to be noticeable to someone other than me!!

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