Monday, February 17, 2014

Cauliflower Retchless: Week 27

Size of Baby:2 lbs. 14.5 inches

Workouts: 4 Bar Method classes, 4 Nana walks (all 30+ minutes), and a Dish hike (The Dish is a local hiking spot that is 3.2 miles of hilly terrain but is all paved so it is perfect for the Bob). I felt great this week and was so so happy to be back in the swing of my workouts. 

Also, just a random tid bit...while we (Kristina, Noah, & I) were at the Dish we saw a coyote that was far too friendly! I acted like a crazy person doing everything the sign at the trailhead said to frighten him away. I don't think I was necessarily intimidating but the coyote left for fear of the insane person on the trail! 

Maternity Clothes: Yes. Need to remember that I feel better about myself when I actually get dressed versus living in yoga clothes! 

Movement: Still lots on the inside but Baby is still being stubborn about letting Scott feel his kicks.
Symptoms: Hormonal. Is that a symptom? As I mention below we watched a movie on Valentine's Day...there should have been a warning that emotional pregnant women should watch with caution. I ended up in tears and couldn't get it together! Story of my life lately.
What I Miss: Wine. Still.

Girl or BoyBoy!
Belly button In or Out: Flat.

Stretch Marks: Nope. 

Cravings: Nothing to report. 
Best Moment This Week: Will you believe me if I say Valentine's Day?! I am probably one of the more anti-Valentines people you will meet. I just don't get into it and really see it as another day. However, this year I really enjoyed making Valentines for Noah's class and spending the evening with my two favorite boys who made me a delicious dinner. We followed that up with the movie About Time and it turned out to be the perfect date night in.  

Wait! I have another favorite moment. Family Adventure Day! Scott and I tend to get stuck in a rut on weekends and have found ourselves lazing around the house pretty much until we decide we need to start thinking about lunch. While weekends are made for relaxing, it was high time we started doing something a little more exciting. So, we decided to adopt an idea from our friends and have at least one adventure each weekend. After spending the better part of Saturday in our PJs, we hit Sunday running and went to the San Francisco Zoo. While it has nothing on my beloved St. Louis Zoo, it was a great day out and we got to see lots of animals (even a 10 day old giraffe!). The whole family had fun and Scott and I gave ourselves 100 parent points each for making a fun morning for Noah! For the record, he got a bubble gun which was far and away the highlight of his much for zoology! 

My right arm makes my back look like Quasimodo!

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jec22vr said...

I watched About Time this weekend too! And also cried through it! Except I was on a plane. Whoops. Here's to nice seat neighbors with tissues.