Tuesday, February 25, 2014

______ Retchless: Week 28 {and a name reveal}

We'll get straight to the fun part...Baby R's name. I decided that we throw it around pretty loosely and Noah will tell you if you ask him, so we might as well share it so that I can start referring to him by his name! Coming in May:

Cooper William Retchless

His middle name he will share with Scott (Noah's middle name is Scott so each boy has a little bit of Dad in their name). As for the first name...it came after a long list of vetoes! Cooper was never a name we considered for Noah but as soon as we found out we were having another boy I was on a mission to get the little guy named. So, I began my list and would run prospective names by Scott who would put them through his magical nickname filter (the man can come up with a nickname in 2 seconds, flat...which often ruined names for me in a total of 4 seconds). One day on a trip to Napa we were throwing names around in the car and I threw out Cooper. "Coop" or "Cooooooooooooop" was the immediate response, both of which I was ok with and as a result the name just kind of stuck. So, come May, we will be Hangin' with Mr. Cooper ;-).

And, just for fun, some other names that were on my list that either got vetoed over time by Scott or by the nickname test:
Samson, Edison, Graham, Cole, Sebastian, Miller

And, a few girl names that I have had in my back pocket (unless there is an "oops" we won't be needing any of these!):
Felicity (ugh, can I name my little boy this, PLEASE?!), Eleanor, Vivienne, Genevieve
And, now, on to the weekly update:

Size of Baby: Large Eggplant (2.25 lbs, 14.8 inches long)

Workouts: 3 Bar Method classes and 5 Nana walks. Does shlepping a 26 lb. toddler to/from the beach count as a workout?! If so +1 for that endeavor. 

Also, I braved the scale this morning. I have been eating well and working out and the scale is being kind. I think you may have guessed, and I might have mentioned it directly, but I am having a hard time with the body changes/weight gain this time around. Overall, I am right near where I was with Noah, I just feel different. My body definitely remembered how to be pregnant and is filling out a bit more quickly/differently this time. I have good days and bad, and as the bump grows it is easier to embrace the ever expanding thighs and cellulite that is marching across my backside. But, I can't pretend that I am on Cloud 9 and having these, "all of this means that the baby is healthy", and "what an amazing process to be able to grow a baby" moments. I do LOVE feeling my little guy jumping around inside and actually love the belly aspect of it...it's the rest of the bod that is tough for me. 

Phew...sorry, just felt like being honest on that front in case any one else is struggling with the same thing. 

Maternity Clothes: Yes. Getting anxious for spring to hit so I can put on some of my maxi dresses & skirts...getting tired of the same 3 outfits!  

Movement: Kicking machine! AND, he finally cooperated for Scott to feel him! Hopefully there is more of that in the future.
Symptoms: Nesting! My need to organize, clean, and throw stuff away is out of control! I walk into a room and immediate find something that needs to be "nested". I think since the boy's room doesn't need a lot of work I am taking my preparation out on the rest of the house. 

Also, an update on the emotional roller coaster...I saw my doctor and we upped some of my vitamins and so far I think it is making a real difference. I am now taking daily:
3000mg DHA 
2xVitamin B Complex Capsules
Vitamin D (can't remember the exact amount and I'm too lazy to look)
Pre Natal Multi Vitamin
My bedside table pretty much looks like a pharmacy but if it keeps the crazies at bay, I will keep taking the 12 pills daily! 

What I Miss: Wine. Still.

Girl or BoyBoy!
Belly button In or Out: Flat but seriously on the verge of popping.

Stretch Marks: Nope. 

Cravings: Nothing to report. 

Best Moment This Week: Seeing my doctor and confirming that all of my hormonal-ness was totally normal and that there are a number of avenues I can pursue to deal with it. I am starting with keeping up my exercise (pregnant or not, this is my sanity saver), date nights with Scott, and the vitamin changes. Should I start to feel whacky again, I am going to give acupuncture a try. All in all, it was just nice to hear have him acknowledge that what I was feeling was very normal AND want to help me enjoy my pregnancy and feel happy versus just dismissing it as "hormones" and sending me on my way. 

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Erika said...

Awww! Loved your update. You look absolutely lovely and so happy! I'm so happy for you and Scott and Noah.