Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Honeydew Retchless: Week 35

Size of Baby: 5.25 lbs and 18+ inches long. Dude, he's a honeydew. That is no joke to carry around 24-7!

Workouts: 3 Bar Method Classes, and a few Nana walks...our girl is having some hip/leg (TBD Thursday) issues so there has been a lot of R&R around here. 
Maternity Clothes: Ugh...I dislike all clothes unless they are size XXXXXXXXXXXL! I just want to wear a Mumu from here to the end. 

Movement: Swift, firm jabs. He is definitely losing space to rock and roll and the movements are more precise and mostly in my ribs or low, low, low.

Symptoms: Pregnancy brain remains. I think the pregnant waddle has officially set in as well.

What I Miss: Just generally being a non-pregnant person. I shaved my legs last night and it was seriously some kind of Cirque du Soliel act. This belly is grandiose and very much in the way (remind me of this when I have bump envy in about a year!).

Girl or BoyBoy!
Belly button In or Out: Out! Scott looked at me last night and said, "do you have an outie?!". Oh, yes I do. Turkey baster says this baby is cooked!

Stretch Marks: Nope. 

Cravings: I'm actually becoming a little indifferent to food. Nothing ever really sounds great and I don't find myself very hungry either. The main reason I remember to eat is because I get very grumpy when it is time to dine! My boys all appreciate me grabbing a snack at this point!
Best Moment This Week: Getting a ton crossed of the "to do" list. While my workouts were slim this week I more than made up for it with the amount that I managed to jam in on Sunday. We cleaned, organized, shopped, etc. ALL day. I also ordered all of the remaining "buy before Cooper" items and when the mattress arrives tomorrow we will be all set (and I'll work on a room reveal for you). With the arrival of our final diapers.com order for Cooper, Scott and I are both in disbelief over the size of the newborn diapers! Hard to believe they are that small...how quickly we forget! 

Had a hard time with the picture this week.
This one cracks me up the most. We were headed to Noah's soccer class and it struck me as funny that it looked like I was carrying a soccer ball under my shirt!

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