Monday, April 7, 2014

Cantaloupe Retchless: Week 34

Size of Baby: 5ish lbs. and 18 inches.

Workouts: 3 Bar Method Classes, 1 Dish hike, and 6 Nana walks. I accidentally spotted my weight at the doctor this week. Same as my delivery weight with Noah. I freaked out for a little while and then realized there was nothing I could do. I am staying extremely active, eating well, and really doing exactly nothing different than I did with Noah. So c'est la will be what it will be.

Just a random picture of my favorite two year old. While our morning at Happy Hollow (see symptoms below), it was worth the swollen feet to make him this happy!
Maternity Clothes: Yes. And the non maternity tops I try to wear are starting to get a little short! 

Movement: Holy mover! I swear Coop is more active than Noah. He pretty much assaults all areas of my mid section constantly. I don't think he is staying head down at this point as it seems he is rocking and rolling all over the place!
Symptoms: 1. Fatigue. I am starting to feel very pregnant these days. The little tasks are getting more and more challenging as the days go by. For the most part I just power through (not a lot of choice with a two year old) but I find myself napping more often than not. 2. "This baby is going to fall out" syndrome. I never had this feeling with Noah but when I got on long walks (i.e.-the Dish) I seriously feel like Cooper might just fall out. It is especially apparent on the downhill and leaves me feeling a little nervous. 3. Forgetfulness. You have to tattoo things on my forehead or I forget them. Even lists are proving ineffective. I went to the grocery and had pancake mix on the list. Didn't buy it. It's actually alarming how poorly my brain works in this department lately!

My nesting/DIY/to do list is also an uncontrollable symptom. Almost have the boy's room complete!

This is something I wish wasn't on that list. Leaky pipes in the side of your house are really not awesome.
What I Miss: I don't necessarily miss any one thing. I am at the point where the fatigue, hunger, sleeplessness, seem to be permanent so I am looking forward to remembering that these are all related to pregnancy and that once I am recovered I will get my groove back! 

Ok, I will revise this to say doing things not permitted for pregnant people. Our gutters are a mess and I would desperately like to just scurry up a ladder and get the most offensive ones taken care of. I don't mind doing house work and it actually bugs me more to have to nag Scott to do it. #housewifeproblems

Girl or BoyBoy!
Belly button In or Out: Out! 

Stretch Marks: Nope. 

Cravings: Still can't get enough pretzels and chocolate chips.
Best Moment This Week: Another doctor visit (every two weeks now!). I got to see the little guy and hear his heartbeat. That seriously never gets old. My cervix is apparently softening but this also apparently means nothing at this point. Dr. R said I can go about my daily routine and don't need to change anything at this point. Not much else notable from my appointment...which is a good thing! Happy, healthy mom and baby! 

Scott took the picture, finally! Hooray!

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