Thursday, January 22, 2009

All the best parts of the chicken...

This was the menu item that I selected last night at Incanto.  It was actually, "All the best parts of the chicken risotto".  If you know me, you know that I cannot resist a risotto (unless it has shellfish-no sense dying for a meal).  Scott and I ended up sharing two dishes and the first was VERY good.  Handkerchief pasta with a ragu sauce.  Then the chicken parts came out.  By this point I had a few glasses of champagne and a very yummy glass of Barolo...I wasn't to discerning about exactly what parts of the chicken I was eating.  One kind of looked like a foot and seemed a little too tender and not so meaty but I ate away.  Once I finished I evaluated what was left on the main plate...there it actual chicken liver just looking at me.  There was no mistaking it, it hadn't been cut or diced or sliced...just a nice little red/purple liver sitting on the plate.  Scott decided a bite would be a good idea and as soon as it entered into his mouth he definitely realized it wasn't.  All this got me thinking about the rest of what I had just consumed.  Better not to think about it really-I still get a little queasy.  Let's just say if these were the best parts of the chicken, I will stick with the second tier chicken parts from now on.  

Other than that incident I have a glowing review of my neighborhood restaurant.  We had an incredible cured meat appetizer, Scott thoroughly enjoyed some oysters, the bread was great, wine was great and desert was just right to top off the evening.  Oh and some yummy desert wines.  I would give the service a B but in her defense she seemed to be the only waitress in the restaurant last night.  

I am sure we will be spending many more evenings at Incanto, I will just be sure to stay away from chicken parts and stick with ragu moving forward...or at least ask what exactly those parts are!  

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Scott said...

That was hilarious... and just reading this makes me a little sick as well!! THANKS