Wednesday, January 14, 2009


First, I wanted to throw up a picture of New Year's Eve.  Don't we look well rested?  I think this was around hour 60 in the car.  Regardless of the fact we only made it to 11 it was a great night.  We said our happy new year's went to sleep, and woke up in 2009. Why do we REALLY need to see the clock strike midnight?  If the rest of the year goes anything like the first two weeks it is going to be an incredible year!!  

Now we can begin the tour of Noe Valley.  My new home!  

This picture was taken from my front steps.  VERY convenient to grab a cup of coffee! And to the PR ladies at Crocs, I now drink coffee.  Granted it is the smallest cup you have ever seen, but when I was sitting there using their internet I figured it was appropriate to buy something (their hot chocolate is not so good).  Still does nothing but I enjoy the warmth in the morning! 
This is next door to my house.  So far my New Year's resolution of not biting my nails is going great!  For the record, this place is really cheap, and for a reason.  Luckily there are about 20 more places within walking distance to try since I will not be returning next door!

Maybe my favorite thing...the market.  This is about a 1 minute walk and has everything you could possibly need in a "damn, I forgot to get _____ at the store" kind of moment.  Nothing is marked up and it is open nice and late in case of an ice cream emergency while watching TV!
Incanto is located across the street from my adorable little house.  It is rated as one of the best Italian restaurants in the city and they are famous for their cured meats.  The chef even battled Mario Batali on Iron Chef.  I have yet to go there but Scott paid a visit and really enjoyed it.  Looking forward to giving you my review!

I was intending to take a walk up to 24th street (about 5 blocks away and full of restaurants, bars, shops, farmer's market, pretty much anything you can dream up) to take some pictures but we had a small snafu at the dog park and decided to come home.  Lola and I strolled to the local "dog run" aka "dog park" and unfortunately there weren't too many dogs around.  It was an interesting change from Boulder where there are always tons of dogs and friendly owners.  The people there were all reading the paper or playing on their iPhones with a "don't talk to me" look on.  Maybe it is better in the evening and I am willing to give it a try again.  I digress...the snafu came in that the two dogs that were interested in playing happened to be two pit bulls who were more than wild.  Lola got trounced and let out a few yelps and we decided we had had enough of the park for the day.  Understandably, one was an awkward little puppy and thought Lola looked like fun but we moved on anyway.

On the way home, we walked by our local church:
This church (St. Paul's) was the where the primary filming for "Sister Act" took place.  

Lola's favorite stop-Noe Valley Pet Co.

Ok, you get the picture...everything is right at my fingertips-restaurants (sushi and plenty of breakfast spots are around the corner as well), market, gym, random trinket stores, you name it.  

The only downfall of city life is when something is not in walking distance it is a HUGE pain to get out and get it.  Although I will say that I get a feeling of accomplishment every time I successfully navigate the city.  Today I managed to go to Dick Blick, Sephora, Crissy Field (had an amazing run in 70 degree weather with a gorgeous view of the GG bridge and Alcatraz-I doubt this will ever get old), Kinko's and the gas station all without getting lost or honked at...I even got to honk at someone...what a city girl!  

As you can tell, I am loving life in the city.  The only thing that would make it better would be to have a Target down the street!  Who knew how important Target is until it isn't convenient...might be good for my wallet though!  

A quick note about Noe-before moving here I was reading up on the area and read that "it is a great neighborhood if you don't mind dodging golden retrievers and strollers".  This could not be more true.  A weekend on 24th really is like a game of don't get tripped by Fido's leash and try not to take out any small children.  So fun to have such a vibrant neighborhood!!  It really is perfect and I couldn't be happier to continue exploring it.

More soon...

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Tia said...

you drink coffee now? just wait- you will be so addicted!

You area looks lovely and I can't wait to visit- do you have room in that sassy shack for me?