Sunday, January 25, 2009

Bad Friday

This weekend was what felt like my first real weekend in the city.  Scott and I realized we had one before this, technically, but it was full of unpacking and "to do" lists.  Friday started off terribly!  We had a terrible dinner, terrible wine, and watched a terrible movie.  

To elaborate...we decided to try a new pizza place, Haystack Pizza.  When the pizza arrived, the smell alone could have knocked us down.  Not, "mmmmm that smells good" but more, "huh, that smells different".  Turns out the sauce was super sweet and the rest of the toppings didn't make up for it.  You know it's bad when you are anxious to get to the crust to dip it in the ranch (a fun little treat I discovered thanks to Scott).  

The wine was our own fault.  We chose to open a $7 table wine that pretty much lived up to what it was meant to be.  No real complaints, just added to the evening.

Finally...Pineapple Express.  Awful.  Two thumbs down.  I was unaware (apparently I don't read reviews) that this was a stoner movie.  I spent the entire film rolling my eyes and wondering who could have written this.  A few laugh out loud moments but for the most bueno.  

I will say being snuggled up inside on a dreary evening with Scott and the Lola monster made the entire night great despite all of the "bad" incidents.  

The quest for good neighborhood pizza continues... (Twin Peaks gets an "ok" rating)

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