Sunday, January 25, 2009

Saturday Fun

Saturday started out lazy enough but soon got rolling for a jam packed day of San Francisco fun.

After I woke out of my insanely groggy state (Scott is finally getting a true taste of Stephanie in the morning) we decided to head to the bank and do a little, well, banking.  

Then, we headed home, changed, and paid a visit to my favorite place, Crissy Field.  Lola, Scott and I ran up to the bridge and enjoyed the brisk, foggy weather.  

Then it was time to plan dinner with the Strand fam.  It was also a belated 1st birthday celebration for Kayla.  We decided chili would be perfect since you can cook it early and let it simmer until it is time to cooking while socializing-my kind of meal!  

We also made a quick run to 24th for some last minute birthday shopping (sorry Crick, we are definitely last minute shoppers!).  There were lots of great shops for every kind of kid gift you can image!  See my post about all the kids in Noe :)

As you can see we were pretty anxious to have our first dinner guests!!
The kitchen island all set with wine, cheese, olives, and lots of stemware!!
The birthday girl arrived (parents in tow) and we (me) got a little anxious for present opening so away we went!  She got some musical instruments that will be great practice for her music classes she is taking.  
We practiced our walking-SO close!!  

As you can see, the host got fancy in her track suit!  But hey, it's family, right?  I should clarify that for some readers.  Kayla and I are actually related.  We think we are third cousins but need to look into when the "once removed" verbiage comes in to play-Chrissie?  Kayla's dad Kyle and my dad are cousins.  So Kyle and I are second cousins, Chrissie is my second cousin in law (haha).  Of importance, they are also how Scott and I met.  A random chance meeting during dinner in July at their house (Scott is a good friend of theirs).  A story for another blog!  

ANYWAY, the night was a blast and Miss Kayla and the Strand crew were a treat as always!

I'll highlight Sunday-sleep, TV, nap, double sol, sushi, couch and SAG awards.  Pretty much 90% of the day was spent in PJs...just the way a Sunday should be!!

Have a great week!!

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Crick said...

You and Scott must have known that I would research the "cousin" thing and clarify any confusion! ha ha. Here it is: Kyle and Stephanie are 1st cousins, once removed (removed because there is one generation between them - make sense? - I thought not!) Kayla and Stephanie are second cousins - they have the same great grandparents. Now the confusion is gone, right?