Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wine and Blogging

What is one to do when one of the three people they know in the city goes to work at 6:45 and still isn't home (it is 7 for the record-and dinner just started for him).  I know I know...this is pretty normal behavior, but when you are unemployed days can seem REALLY long.  Luckily I knew it was coming and planned a day-time activity to keep my time occupied.  

I will give you all one guess...ok, Crissy Field!  Shocker, I know.  Mt. Tam was thrown out as an option (no dogs allowed), I like art, but not enough to go to museums alone, Sausalito, Half Moon Bay-really, alone?!  So, Crissy Field, once again.  For the record, I have done most of the touristy stuff already so I am not missing out on the big attractions :)

I went down there with the intention of relaxing on the grass with Lola and enjoying a book.  Well, I failed.  I ended up calling my friend Jax to catch up and two hours later the book was unopened and Lola was beat (lots of ball playing).  It was so great to catch up and I wouldn't have traded it for the book any day!  Plus, the scenery wasn't too shabby.  I took pictures this time...
View from the parking lot...Lola was excited to head out!
What terrible scenery-do you see why I run here every day?!
Lola playing ball

Last night was very relaxing filled with catching Scott up on Lost...I am determined to get him hooked!  I think I am making progress.  I have also discovered a new enjoyment for cooking.  I always swore I was a bad cook and didn't enjoy it.  I think the fact was that I was tired when I came home from work and the idea of trying something new sounded exhausting so it was the same old stuff day after day.  Lately I have looked forward to preparing dinner every night and I am enjoying finding new recipes to try!  Any suggestions are welcome :).  For the record, last night I made a Southwest Chicken crock pot dish (thanks Bobbi)-mmmmmm.

Monday night I finally got to meet Kevin Berry, Scott's friend from college.  He was up from outside of LA for a conference in the city.  We had a nice time catching up at the house before heading over to Incanto (ok, give me a break, it IS across the street) for some wine.  I had a great flight of wines-definitely the best bang for your buck.  We headed home for a night cap of some Nickel and Nickel and bid adieu to our guest.  It was great meeting Kevin and hearing some fun stories from their college days.  

Other than that, it has been business as usual around here.  Applying for jobs-I have one application out that I am VERY excited about but I will tell you about that if I actually get an interview.  Let's just say their job posting is EXACTLY what I have been doing for the past 4 years.  Fingers crossed!  

OH, I did register for a half marathon in April.  Apparently I have trouble motivating to run if I don't have something to train for.  SO, I will be doing the Golden Gate Headlands Half Marathon.  I have no goal as far as time in this race, just something to motivate me to push myself and my distance on a daily basis.  Should be interesting training in Scotland (March 20-29)!!!  That should be taper time, right?!  Hey, I traveled for three weekends leading up to my half ironman and survived that!  

Well, my wine is calling...and no mom, it isn't a "Ba room ba" but Dad and I are very interested in visiting that region of Italy! 

Stay tuned...  


Crick said...

looks like someone is going to need to incorporate some hill training into her daily run!! if baby #2 wasn't coming in april, we'd be at the race cheering you on!

Marleen and Kevin said...

I am doing a half marathon in april too! we can virtually train together :) miss you!!