Monday, July 27, 2009

Prep for 13.1

I failed to post about preparing for our half marathon!  

This really is the fun part because it involves eating LOTS of carbs.  While I can't say I am one to ever stray from the pastas and breads of the world, I try to keep it in check.  Saturday, all rules went out the window!  

We started the day with a trip to the expo to get all of our race gear.  This expo was huge and VERY crowded.  That said, there is something about being with all the other athletes that gets me fired up to race!  

Then, a yummy lunch at Left at Albuquerque's.  Dinner, Italian!  Mexican and a heaping bowl of pasta all in one day.  Not really sure where I put it all but it was delicious and did the trick to get me through the race.  
Scott had to put the napkin up to ensure no food, I mean fuel, went to waste!
Don't interrupt me with pictures...I am eating!

One other fun discovery I made while prepping for the race was KT Tape.  I saw their booth at the expo and there was a long line of people waiting to get taped up.  I was tempted to check it out and see what they could do for my knee/IT band but decided to move along.  Lucky me, there was a sample in my race bag!  I found great instructional videos on their website and taped myself up.

Above pictures are the finished product.  While I was hoping for IT band instructions I couldn't find them so I went with the "runner's knee" taping.  While I know this is not the source of my knee troubles, I figured anything was worth a shot.  WOW!  I taped my left knee and by the end of 13 miles it felt much better than the right.  I won't say I was ache free, but it was definitely a nice support for all of the pavement pounding I did.  I am excited to learn more about what this magic tape can do for me!  Much better than any brace or bandage I have ever tried in the past.  

And that is my PSA for the day!

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jim said...

Hi Stephanie, I am one of the KT Tape team members that was at the expo in SF and I just noticed your post. We have really good instructions for anyone that has IT band pain that I would be glad to send you if you will email me at

By the way- sweet job on that runners knee taping- looks like the pro's.