Sunday, July 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Hanna!

After a rather uneventful week in the city, we headed to Redwood City to celebrate Hanna's 6th birthday.  

It was great catching up with friends and enjoying the gorgeous weather!  We enjoyed some great BBQ and a delicious homemade banana bread cake (banana bread with frosting-just my style). As usual, a wonderful time at the Hyland's.  

Pictures tell the best story...
Kayla taking her first tire swing ride.
With two of them there overseeing the action she still managed to fall in the middle (my fault)
The older kids put on a great show for us (video below).
Hanna and Paisley snuck up and got Scott on the tire swing!
Kayla was a little too young for the other show so she popped out from behind the curtains a bit later!
Lola got to come along for the celebration!
Ian, Logan, Hanna, and Lucas waiting to dive into the cake!
Paisley got her own cake and was clearly VERY happy about this!
Present time!!
Yet another show by the kids.  This one was Hannah Montana karaoke!

There were some adults around chaperoning these kids but the kids are just MUCH cuter than us so I forgot to capture any one else :(.  Next time!  

The video I promised above...

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