Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Not much to report.

Not much going on in the land of "Stephanie on the Move".  As a matter of fact, I barely moved from the couch all weekend.  While this was entirely my fault (although I am blaming the Strand fam) it really made me upset on day two around mile 5 of our 9 mile run when I was forced to walk or risk passing out.  After choking down a jug of pedialyte I am up and running again.  Well, not actually running (a few off days), but I did manage this today...
Chrissie, Kayla, Tanner, Lola and I all went on a walk to Cal Mart.  I got to work on my posture and back muscles (not to mention coordination-don't trip over the little black dog with a baby strapped to your front) with Tanner in the Bjorn.  Shh...don't tell, but I actually like toting the little guy around in the Bjorn (this might now be a permanent fixture).  

On Monday we took a trip across the Golden Gate Bridge (one of Kayla's new favorites) to Corte Madera.  On the way back we literally watched the temperature go from 85 on one sideof the bridge to 64 in San Francisco!!!  It just plummeted as we crossed the bridge.  Just another example of the wacky summer weather we have here in the city.  Looking forward to September/October!  

Well, not much else to report.  Just loving spending a few weeks at home enjoying each other, our friends, and our city.  

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