Wednesday, July 8, 2009

4th of July-Burbs Style!

After a fun trip to San Diego with Marleen, I packed back up and headed back the following Thursday!  This time Scott was with me and we jetted off to see the Matoso family and celebrate the 4th.  

Scott has been doing this for the past four years but this was my first time to get to meet Kelly and the kids and see their home.  We had a great weekend of running, walking, pool time, beach time, movie time, relaxing, playing a variety of sports, eating, get the point.  We were busy and it was a great time.  I could go through the weekend minute by minute but I will share pictures instead...
Coleman guarding the goal
Tos showing off his throwing accuracy
Brody LOVES getting the hose out and watering, well, everything!  Here, Coleman got ahold of it and gave Brody a bit of a shower.
I oversaw the water fight from a safe distance with a frosty beverage.
STANLEY!  He is such a sweetie.  
Abby (Scott's goddaughter) and Scott taking a rest from all the action
Kelly cooking up yet another fabulous meal!  I would go back next year just for the food alone!
One of the fabulous perks of the burbs (I LOVE the burbs) is an AMAZING back yard.  The Matoso family has the full set up...outdoor fireplace, grill/bar area, swing set, dining area, lawn, hammock, lounge chairs, again, you get the point! Above you can see the outdoor couches that are ideal for an outdoor movie night (if you look closely you can see it projected on the house).
Scott and Cole playing a little frisbee in the backyard.  Look at those moves!
Scott and Mike at Kelly's parent's on the 4th
Enjoying the evening together (nice tan lines, huh?!)
Me and Mike
Kelly's family.  Her parents were great hosts on the 4th with lots of great food and drink and plenty of fun activities!  I even got to show Scott that I actually have some coordination when it comes to sports other than triathlon (I think he might love me just a little more after that)! 
Abby getting ready to take the plunge into the spool!
Scott and Brody getting ready for fireworks (notice Scott's festive shoes)
Not sure what the lean was about?  Cute picture regardless!

As you can see it was a very fun weekend.  Thanks to the Matoso family for a wonderful vacation.  Can't wait to see you all again!

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Marleen and Kevin said...

On the last photo was scott doing his dance moves again and then froze like this? that's my BEST guess on the lean ;)