Sunday, July 19, 2009

What were you doing... year ago this weekend?  I was on a trip to San Francisco, enjoying the evening with the Strand fam and my parents when along came a friend of Kyle and Crick' walked Scott.  That was on the 18th.  After another dinner on Sunday night and a ride to the airport on Monday it is safe to say that things were never the same.

As I have said before, this blog is not my relationship sounding board, but we did have a nice weekend celebrating that fateful weekend and just how far we have come and all the we have experienced.  

Our celebration started with a 10 mile run...oh, wait, that wasn't part of it.  BUT, we suffered through it and feel ready to take on 13 next Sunday!  

Saturday night we continued our food exploration of the city with a trip to RNM.  It is a quaint little restaurant with great atmosphere.  The food was very good with gnocchi that melts in your mouth.  

Above, me at dinner, below, Scott at dinner!
Scott made sure I couldn't share his meal with him!!

After dinner we made an unexpected visit to where it all began.  Kyle treated us very nicely and served us some fabulous wine (as usual) and of course, we enjoyed the company.  

Where it began a year ago!
This did not happen last year, but obviously, he makes me happy!

It was an incredible weekend and has been an incredible year.  We decided that if we can make them all as good as this one we should be set :-)!

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Jacqueline Mariash said...

congrats steph and scott!! U two are so amazing!