Monday, August 31, 2009


Aloha from Maui!!  This is what Scott is doing right now....

Fantasy Football draft

So I get to blog!  While I could still be out by the pool/ocean I am trying to be smart about this whole tanning/sun exposure thing since we are going to be here for another 7 days!  

Let's rewind to the night before we left.  Sorry, you don't get all the details, but I'll hit the highlights for you.  Scott got home from work and suggested a ride down to Crissy Field to celebrate the start of our vacation and him closing some deals (come to find out, deals are not closed, but it was a good ploy!).  We packed up Miss Lola and headed out.  Once arriving Scott surprised me with new champagne glasses.  Definitely unexpected and a great start to the vacation ahead.

After settling in I was admiring my new stemware and taking some pictures.  Despite the cloudy appearance it was a PERFECT day in the city.  Warm, even hot...the breeze was even warm!

Fast forward five minutes and Scott was proposing!  Of course I said yes and could not be happier about becoming his wife.  The setting, proposal, ring, and man exceeded any expectations I could have had and I am pretty sure I still have a permanent grin on my face!

Right after, on our way to celebrate with friends!
Tommy, Scott and Cru celebrating Karina's birthday (and something else :-)  )

After plenty of champagne and a quick packing effort it was off to bed to get ready for 10 days in Hawaii!  
Scott at the airport continuing the celebration!
me too!
After a safe arrival and a ride in our convertible Sebring (could anything scream TOURIST any louder?-but really, it is fabulous) we hit the beach. 
Sunset from our room (yes, the view is tremendous)
Dinner, night one.  Pretty much exhausted, BUT, happy!

Day two saw us off to golf at Plantation.  I opted out since my golf looks more like croquet and opted for a ride in the cart for the afternoon.
I was the caddy.  Albeit, a pretty poor one, I did keep the cooler stocked with beers!
This caddy will take a swing or two in a skirt and bare feet though (note that this ball went flying in a lovely right shank!)
Scott showing me how it is done!  ps-note the views...every hole had a breathtaking view of the ocean.
Enjoying the sunset at plantation.
A parting shot for now.  Maui sunset last night.


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LC said...

Hey Stephanie! Congrats on the engagement! SO EXCITING! How did you and your fiance meet?