Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Midwest Adventure

This past weekend (Thursday-Monday to be exact) we traveled back to my hometown of St. Louis (Chesterfield to be exact) for the Kyle (Dad's side) reunion.  If you haven't put it together yet, this means that Kyle and Chrissie and the kids were along as well.  To catch everyone up to speed, Kyle is my dad's cousin, making him my first cousin once removed.  

Kayla getting ready for the airplane ride!  She was a terrific passenger and even got a compliment on how good she was (Tanner too!)

Thursday was a day of travel ending with a delicious lasagna dinner at home.  We were VERY lucky to get unseasonably cool and un-humid weather so we were able to sit outside and enjoy catching up over some wine, cigars, and port. 

Cousin Gabrielle holding baby Tanner

On Friday the day started off with two wonderful visitors...Eli and Allison.
Eli and Tanner (one week apart) making fast friends.

It was SO great to see both of them.  Eli is wonderful and I wish I could be around to watch him grow up and not miss a thing...Allie-get to work on Skype! 

After our visit at home, the whole team packed up and headed for the zoo.  For the record, the St. Louis zoo is phenomenal!  A place to be admired and a must see if you are ever in the area...plus, it's FREE!!

Scott and I at the zoo

The fun continued with a trip to Blueberry Hill for a late lunch.  We had lots of fun playing darts, PacMan, playing with the photo booth, etc...  Plus, the burgers were AMAZING!

Dad and Tanner waiting for our food.
This one is just for Jax...those are ALL Pez dispensers.
Miss Kayla showing off her shooting skills!  Yikes!

Friday night the fun continued with a trip to the ballpark.  It was Scott's first visit to Busch and I always love a Cardinals ball game! 

Showing off the brick I got for my dad when they built the new stadium.
Not a bad backdrop!
Allie and Me (she got a night away from the little man and came out to play!)
Apparently they put these all over for the All Star Game.  Makes for a nice photo-op.
Aimee, me, Scott, Justin and Allie at Harry's after the game.  Always fun to pay a visit! (note Scott's shirt and hat...we are going to make a Cardinals fan out of him yet)
Somehow Justin convinced Scott that a trip to White Castle was a good idea on the way home.  Or was it Scott that convinced Justin?  Regardless, they got their tiny little burgers and they smelled every bit as disgusting as I remember!

Saturday and Sunday are going to be recapped in a later post!  So many pictures and fun to share!

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Jacqueline Mariash said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the PEZ shot! and all of the posts lately. So fun!