Monday, August 17, 2009

Busy Busy Busy

My weekend started with a trip to the AVP Crocs Tour (have to reference it correctly!) while it was in town in San Francisco.  While I intended to run along the Embarcadero after my visit, beer and champagne ensued and thus the run was cancelled.  Ah, just like old times.  But really, it was great catching up with Melanie and Kevin and I wish this was more than a once a year gig.  I have been inspired, however, to run the Napa to Sonoma half marathon next year!!  Number one selling's FLAT!  Melanie, book your ticket!
Me, Kevin and Melanie

Also this weekend, the Geers were up from Long Beach for Chris to make the daring swim from Alcatraz to San Francisco.  I have done A LOT of swimming in my life and most of it competitive and there was not even a small part of me that wanted to jump off that ferry and into the bay!  Again, back to that in a minute...

Friday night we carbo-loaded for the swim at Capannina (Yes, it takes a heaping bowl of pasta to have the energy to stand on the beach and cheer!).  The food was good, but not the best gnocchi I have ever had and probably not at the top of my "must visit" San Francisco restaurant list.  They did have some bathroom entertainment...

a chalkboard!  Isn't Scott nice?
Laura and Chris

Saturday was the big race!  We headed down just in time to see all the little specks jumping off the ferry into the water.  Luckily, it was a gorgeous day in the city...calm, sunny, and warm!  Still, the idea of jumping into the bay just isn't appealing.  While Chris maintains the water was warm, I am going to believe the other 90% of participants that suited up in wetsuits for the swim.  Chris gets extra points for jumping in in his speedo for the 42 (?) minute swim.  

Scott bundled up in my swimming parka from middle school.  I wonder if people wondered why "Stephanie Koon" was
embroidered on the front!  By the way, this was supposed to be for Chris after the swim-he opted out.

Well, he made it.  Cold water, currents, and sharks couldn't stop him from escaping from Alcatraz!

So, what do four people do at 10:30 in the morning when the activity is done for the day?  EAT AND DRINK!  Off we went to the ferry building in search of sustenance.  
Me and Laura enjoying the GORGEOUS day in SF.  By the way, since they left it has been foggy, windy, and cold again.
Chris and Scott.  Scott reluctantly gave up the parka after realizing it was 70 out!

The afternoon was spent in a relative food coma and therefore a wonderful nap.  I feel bad for all of you out there that don't relish in a nice afternoon nap regularly.  It really is the best.

Saturday night we headed out to Conduit for dinner.  At first glance it seems a little pretentious but it turned out to be more than wonderful.  Great food, service, ambiance, and company.  The bathrooms are a little funny considering the only thing separating the men's room from the women's is some frosted glass.  Oh, San Francisco, you are so "with it". After a quick visit to Casanova for a night cap we all crashed.

Sunday the Geers departed and Scott and I wasted no time settling in on the couch for some R&R.  However, we felt a little bad for the small black dog in our life and rallied for a trip to the beach.
The princess all sandy after a rousing game of "chase the tennis ball on the beach"
The one and only "self portrait" Scott and I have ever successfully taken.

Yet another great weekend here in my little world.  Stay tuned for more as our lives don't seem to ever slow down!!

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