Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Missouri cntd...

Scott mentioned that my last post was a bit of a "highlight" reel and needed more words.  You see, I try to walk a fine line between filling my readers in and being completely boring!  The highlights from the previous post are absolutely friends and family.  Every time I go back to St. Louis I get a nice "full" feeling from seeing my family and friends.  This time was extra special because I got to spend an extended time with Cindy, Gab, Greg, Kay, Brian, Crick, Kyle, Tanner, Kayla, Mom, Dad, and Scott.  I also got some great one on one time with Eli, Allie and Justin. They might as well be family they are so close to me.  So, truth be told, it is hard to put all the weekend meant to me into words so I choose to just go activity by activity.  Let's just say, it is never easy to leave but I am SO happy to have these relationships that know no boundaries...time zones, states, etc...

So back to the recap...

Saturday we headed south to Cape Girardeau for the family reunion.  It was so nice to catch up with family I haven't seen in ages.  Albeit slightly embarrassing to introduce myself to people who know and remember me!  Next time I will be on the ball.  I guess you just get better at remembering/valuing family with time?!  That sounds bad...hopefully you all know what I mean!

As you can see, summer actually exists in Missouri!  Hooray for summer clothes!
Second Generation Kyle family...children of Otis and Lola Kyle.  My Grandma is bottom left.  BY THE WAY...no one ever mentioned to me that my Great Grandma is named Lola!  Odd?  I think so!  I always knew her as Lois (real name...Lola Elois Kyle).
Third generation.  If you look really closely you can pick out my dad, Kyle, and Cindy.
Fourth generation.  Funny to be in the same picture as Tanner and Kayla.  I guess we all span a lot of years!
The whole clan!
The inlaws showing their excitement to be part of the Kyle family.  Spot my mom and Crick!
The Koon family branch had a little trouble getting it together for the camera...but, hey, we were having fun!
I managed to make Tanner fall asleep! I don't have this gift on a daily basis!
Scott VERY excited...why?
His first Missouri downpour out of nowhere!  We don't really get storms...at all...in San Francisco.

Saturday night was a wonderful night at the Koon home with a little PF Changs and some fireworks!

Dado fixing some margaritas while Kyle prepared a sink bath for Tan Man!
Meanwhile, Kayla, Gab and Scott were outside blowing bubbles!
Cousin Gregory loving little Tanner.
Bottle rockets, cigars, wine!  We also had sparklers...wow, that will take you back!
Kayla learned how to sit Indian Style.  Brings me back to PE class in elementary school!  

I'm serious...it keeps going (no wonder I am so tired!)...

Sunday Funday at Derryrosa!  Dennis and Derry (amazing friends that have become family over the years) invited the whole clan out to their house for some lunch, visit with the horses and donkeys, a little putting, and great fun.  

Me and Halo.
Scott working on his game on Dennis's green.
What is it with me and holding small children with drinks in my hand?!  Me, Tanner (yes, his pink hat is nice!), and Greg.
Kayla working on her game...
Dusty and Benji.  Yes, they are as cute as they look!
Kayla, Gab, Greg, Grammy and Tanner.  LOVE this picture!

So again, this post probably doesn't do this trip justice but it is the best I can do without making you all wait days and days for it!  Stay tuned, I might add a few odds and ends here and there...

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