Monday, August 24, 2009

Ba's Mom's House (& Crick's Birthday)

On Thursday Scott and I (well, I) volunteered our services as babysitters and headed to the Strand house so Crick and Kyle could enjoy a night out for her birthday.  While this sounds like quite the task with a 19 month and 5 month old at home, they both slept the entire time mom and dad were gone so we did what most babysitters TV!  We had a great time before and after dinner celebrating with Crick, Kyle, Tommy and Cortney over some champagne, cake and presents.  

"This calls for a toast"

Friday the family fun continued with a trip to Twain Harte to see Scott's mom.  We brought the two families together by brining along the Strand family for a weekend of relaxing in the mountains.  To clarify the title of this post, Scott is "ba".  We aren't sure why but the three people she has names for are "mom" "dad" and "ba".  One thing that is certain, she LOVES Scott.  I try to keep my jealousy to a manageable level!  

Kayla playing (she was reading aloud) with all the new toys Grandma Ba gave her.
My favorite picture of the weekend.

Saturday we headed to the lake to enjoy swimming, floating and of course, the snack shack! The Hylands were up in Twain Harte as well with friends so we were able to spend the day together on the beach. 

Miss Kayla showing off her ruffles!

The lake is a pretty great way to spend the day.  As I have mentioned before, it is more like a huge pond than a lake making it a more intimate setting and very family/kid friendly.  Of course, what better way to end the day than with some time on the deck?  Have to soak up all the summer outdoor time that we can!

Scott enjoying the evening.
Oh, yes, the princess got to come along too!
Ba and Kayla relaxing in their chairs!
Family group hug (don't worry, Tanner was nearby!)

As always...another great weekend.

A quick note about the coming weeks...Scott and I are off to Hawaii for some fun in the sun so I doubt there will be much blogging.  He does have his fantasy football draft while we are away so I might try to squeeze in a quick hello from the islands.  If not, don't be surprised if I disappear for the next couple of weeks...I will be back!   


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