Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Another week, another update

Another week has come and gone and another weekend of fun was had.

Our weekend started off a bit early with a houseguest. Gypsy Rose Lee.
How can you not love this little face?! She is 12 weeks old and a fire ball! She definitely kept us on our toes but also made both of us fall in love with her and want a puppy (no, we are absolutely not getting one). Lola had different feelings about the little one and pretty much found refuge on whatever couch Gypsy wasn't on all weekend. Cranky pomeranian...
All that licking, biting and general puppyness wore her out!

Friday night we were off to dinner at Cav Wine Bar and Kitchen. NO BUENO! Luckily we had wonderful company because the rest of the night was kind of a bust. Actually, the food was quite good but the wait staff and customer service was appalling. I will save you my rant but I can assure you the food was not good enough to warrant a return visit.

Todd, Chrissie, Jeanne and Scott (Kyle was there but he had to go home before the food came out, that's how long it took, so the babysitter could leave)
Scott and the ladies.
This was a picture from the cab ride home. Our driver decided to make us our own personal nightclub complete with techno music, flashing lights, and even some bumping courtesy of pumping his breaks at every red light. Oh, city life.

Saturday we lazed around with Miss Gypsy and did a little baking.

Our masterpieces!

The baking was not for us...Saturday night we headed over to the romper room aka Chrissie and Kyle's house for an evening with the families. Total tally-8 adults, 6 kids, and one pomeranian.
Charlie, Henry, Chrissie, Paisley, and Hanna practicing their music.
Kayla (aka Cheesburger!), Hanna, and Paisley coloring.
I preferred to be behind the camera, not the subject!
Jeanne and Cortney
Kayla enjoying Ba and Mine's baking!

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