Sunday, October 4, 2009

A Broken Camera...

...clearly leads to bad blogging (lucky for you, I have uploaded some poor quality iPhone pictures to share).  That, and life has slowed down considerably over the past few weeks. 

Of course, life never actually throws us a day with NOTHING to do, so here are a few recaps:
  • We babysat Kayla and Tanner from 2-midnight last weekend.  It really was pretty painless, however, 2 under 2 is not in the cards for this couple (or their dog).  

  • I actually have a possibility.  Not sharing details just yet.  While getting back into the workforce would be nice (and of course the accompanying salary), it will be pretty devastating for awhile not walking into work to giggles and, "hi...mine" (not to mention their adorable faces). 
  • In addition to missing the kids and Chrissie, I won't get to take little field trips around the city on a regular basis.  Last week we visited the seals at Pier 39, Hard Rock Cafe (bad food), and the Aquarium.
  • We tried to see Lyle Lovett in Golden Gate Park but parking was a nightmare so we gave up and listened to him on the iPod over dinner instead (bet you can't guess who we dined with?!)
  • Scott surprised me with a YUMMY dinner at Terzo.
  • My ring had to go get resized.  I still panic at least once a day that I lost it.
  • And, finally, we did the Bridge to Bridge run.  Note for next year...taking a month off running and then jumping into a race might not be the grandest of all plans.
Start: Bay Bridge in the distance
Scott ready to race (little did he know this was going to turn into a "tourist" run)
This was actually the second stop during the run to capture a picture of Alcatraz.  I mean, we don't get to see it everyday, probably important to capture a poor photo!
Still "racing".  Taking a picture of the Golden Gate Bridge (end) in the distance.  Those two beams sticking up are the bridge.
Bono!  Ok, not really, but it was a great U2 cover band.
Scott enjoying the music.
Post race beer.  Need those carbs! right?

Hope to be back in action with a new camera soon.  Until then, Happy Sunday!

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Jacqueline Mariash said...

I am there for the post race beer!!! YUM!!