Tuesday, October 27, 2009


This past weekend was a lot of fun in San Francisco! It started with Scott getting back from his work trip to Chicago. While he was only gone two nights I still missed him tons and found myself speeding home to see him Friday afternoon. After a little rest we headed out to Foreign Cinema to have dinner with Tia and Tom. It was great to catch up and enjoy some great food and champagne (thanks Mattsons!). It is always fun to see them and I hope they come back ASAP (or maybe I need to plan a trip to Boulder to see them all)!!
Me and Tia after dinner
Me and Scott enjoying the night out.

Saturday we picked up another visitor downtown and headed to Napa. Katie was in town for work and extended her trip to take in the sites. What a great reason to go wine tasting!
Kate and me at Gloria Ferrer.
I wonder how many of these pictures we have?!

Katie and I have been friends since kindergarten and had LOTS to catch up on. Luckily we had two full days to chat! It was so much fun to reminisce and show her all the great sites in SF. I am a pretty great tour guide if I do say so myself. We managed, in one day:
-Twin Peaks
-Golden Gate Park
-Haight Ashbury
-Painted Ladies
-Golden Gate Bridge
-Crissy Field
-Chestnut St. (just a drive)
-Union St. shopping
-Lombard (crooked street)
-Fisherman's Wharf
-Ghirardelli Square
-Ferry Building

Did I mention that we had PERFECT weather in the city?!
A view of Crissy Field from the bridge.
The church in the upper middle of this picture is where we are getting married. I like to try and spot it from many spots around town!
Some of the equipment used to make chocolate at Ghirardelli. It was a pretty neat stop!
Wine tasting at the Ferry Building

After lots of wine, food, and fun (notice a theme in my life?) all the guests headed home. Luckily, the excitement never ends around here because...MY RING IS BACK!!! One month later it is finally back in it's happy little home on my left ring finger. Oh, how I missed it :-)!

Hope everyone's week is off to a great start.

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